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  •  Greystone Components Corp
    Address: 100 Crawford St Leominster MA 01453 United States
     M.S. Hi-Tech Inc.
    Address: 517 Rte. 111 Hauppauge NY 11788 United States
     RH Electronics Inc
    Address: 4083, Oceanside Blvd. Oceanside California 92056 United States
     Iconix Inc.
    Address: 40 Oser Avenue Suite 4 Hauppauge NY 11788 United States
     Quasar GmbH
    Address: Mannheimerstr.115 Frankfurt am Main Hessen 60327 Germany

   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
    XC100ELT28DR2 More     69 XILINX
C Plus Electronics

Address: 1001 AVENIDA PICO SUITE C 609 SAN CLEMENTE, CA, United States 92673
Contact: edgar/froy   ,  Phone: 714-442-7656 or 877-972-7587 , Fax: 714-276-1346

   XC100ELT28DR2 More     4149 MOTOROLA In Stock

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
XC100EP111       1251 11
XC100EP111FA         2337 13
XC100EP111FAR2    5071 2
XC100EP210          110939 41
XC100EP210E     359 3
XC100EP210EFAR2   52731 3
XC100EP210FA     1852 4
XC100EP210FAR2    2917 5
XC100EP222B   80 2
XC100EPQ208-6C     1157 5
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Address: 5829 W. SAM HOUSTON PKWY SUITE 402 HOUSTON TEXAS 77041 United States


  Megahertz Co, Ltd

Address: 59 Onnuch 62 Suanluang, Suanluang Bangkok Bangkok 10250 Thailand

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  Calco Aerospace

Address: 120 E. Felix Street #314 Fort Worth TX 76115 United States

Sales - customer long term requirements.


Address: China Shenzhen China


  Oemexcess Management International Limited

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