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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
    XC100EP210FAR2 More     74 XILINX
C Plus Electronics

Address: 1001 AVENIDA PICO SUITE C 609 SAN CLEMENTE, CA, United States 92673
Contact: edgar/froy   ,  Phone: 714-442-7656 or 877-972-7587 , Fax: 714-276-1346

   XC100EP210FAR2 More     389 MOTO MOTO - XC100EP210FAR2
   XC100EP210FAR2 More     874 MOTO QFP
   XC100EP210FAR2 More     804 MOTO OEMxs
   XC100EP210FAR2 More     776 MOTOROLA

Related Parts of XC100EP210FAR2

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
XC100EP222B   80 2
XC100EPQ208-6C     1157 5
XC100H606    4976 3
XC100H606FN    115 2
XC100H607    8629 6
XC100H607FN       1079 5
XC100H640FN     2074 6
XC100H642FN    8851 5
XC100LVE111   85 2
XC100LVE111FN    177 4
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Electrical Distributor

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Address: China

  Tang Tek

Address: Baoan Shenzhen shenzhen china China

IC components trade


Address: 112 Crawley Falls Road Brentwood New Hampshire 03833 United States

We specialize in semiconductor distribution solutions. With over 15 years experience MSRC provides the best solution for supply chainmanagement, spot market allocation, and asset recovery. Our dedication to offering custom services necessary to maintain a reliable commitment to your product needs and inventory management set us apart from the industry standard. As a broad-line distributor of electronic components our range of knowledge extends across the full spectrum of active devices including analog, cpu, discrete, dram, eprom, flash, led, lcd, logic, memory, microcontrollers, microprocessors, sram, and vram. We support passive devices ranging from capacitors, crystals, filters,inductors, resistors and transistors.