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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   M-FIAM3MN2 More     11
   M-FIAM3MN2 More     23 VICOR

Related Parts of M-FIAM3MN2

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
M-FIAM5B5BMNH1-02   721 4
M-FIAM5BH11    1569 9
M-FIAM5BH12    51 3
M-FIAM5BH13      1344 9
M-FIAM5BH13-01   308 4
M-FIAM5BH21        32275 19
M-FIAM5BH22       38340 10
M-FIAM5BH23     211 9
M-FIAM5BH23T   4 2
M-FIAM5BH2N2   14 2
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  Goldney Electronics

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  Shanghai JC Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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  Open Market Solutions

Address: 2430 Harwich Dr. Kissimmee United States

We are an independent stocking distributor of all types of electronic components.