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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   M-FIAM5B5BMNH1-02 More     181
   M-FIAM5B5BMNH1-02 More     180 VICOR

Related Parts of M-FIAM5B5BMNH1-02

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
M-FIAM5BH11    1569 9
M-FIAM5BH12    51 3
M-FIAM5BH13      1344 9
M-FIAM5BH13-01   308 4
M-FIAM5BH21        32275 19
M-FIAM5BH22       38340 10
M-FIAM5BH23     211 9
M-FIAM5BH23T   4 2
M-FIAM5BH2N2   14 2
M-FIAM5BHG1      2613 11
RFQs for related parts of M-FIAM5B5BMNH1-02:
  Pinnacle WorkZ

Address: 207-d Jalan Loyang Besar Singapore SIngapore 509472 Singapore

Registered Supplier to the SIngapore Government Agencies , Armed Forces and Schools

  Caspian IMS LLC

Address: P.O.Box 32180 Dubai Dubai 32180 United Arab Emirates

We supply equipments, cosumables, and spare parts to various industrial projects in the region, particularly to oil & gas industry.

  intransit technologies

Address: 6289 E. Sluason Ave. commerce CA United States

Intransit Technologies is your global source for authentic, quality-tested electronic components. No requirement is too large or complex for us to meet. We do our own testing of many parts and contract out sophisticated testing requirements to our certified laboratory partner. If you need it immediately, we'll work around the clock to meet your deadline. Let us be your sourcing partner.


Address: 120 JOHNSON STREET JACKSON TN 38301 United States

we are an industrial/ electrical supply. we sale to industrial accounts.

  Demand Components

Address: 12091 Ridge Road Largo United States

Reseller of Electronics, mainly Displays and Transistors