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   No. Parte Cantidad Fabricante
   000318180 More     8273 TYC STOCK
   000318180 More     1157
   0-0031818-0 More     26164 TE CONNECTIVITY
   0-0031818-0 More     1000 TYC
   0-0031818-0 More     2600
   0-0031818-0 More     1000 TYCO

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No. Parte Cantidad Proveedores
0-0031819-0      78595 5
000318800    104612 2
0-0031886-0     3107 3
0-0031890-0        221641 12
0-0031894-0      49813 8
0-0031895-0    1941 3
00031F2566   812 2
00-032000    9 3
0003200276   5916 2
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Address: york , england United Kingdom

Electronics Direct is Your Component Solution for every day components, obsolete components, allocated components, hard to find components ,ROHS Components parts on a long lead time, Quality service is of paramount importance to our customers and we pride ourselves by maintaining the highest of standards. Over 99% of the products we supply come directly from our stock or on a short 1 or 2 day lead time enabling our clients to maintain their commitments to supply products on time. If the product you require is not readily available,an obsolete component, or Hard to Find component, Electronics Direct will source the product for you using a state-of-the-art Advanced Global Procurement Software System and a team of dedicated Purchasing Professionals who will deal personally with your request from start to finish, quoting within hours rather than days, or faster if required. our inventory is handled and maintained in a fully compliant ESD safe environment. ISO9001: 2000 Standards Approval ensures Quality and Commitment to our clients and provide accurate and reliable deliveries, to your door, when you need them.

  USBid Inc

Address: 2320 Commerce Park Dr Palm Bay Fl 32905 United States

USBid is the premier e-commerce provider of content, community, and commerce for the electronic component sourcing community. Our vast inventory, complemented by leading-edge commerce solutions and highly personalized customer support, provides unmatched opportunities for buyers and sellers to fulfill their sourcing requirements. USBid is a global e-commerce marketplace where manufacturers and distributors can merchandise their inventories to buyers desiring to conveniently purchase electronic components online.

  Fusoh Aviation USA Inc

Address: 9410 TOpanga Canyon Blvd Chatsworth CA 91311 United States

Exporter of aircraft parts and material

  G2 Systems

Address: 55 Chase St. Methuen MA 01844 United States

Computer hardware Reseller

  Vision Electronics, Inc.

Address: 1175 Spring Centre South Blvd Altamonte Springs FL 32714 United States

Independent Distributor