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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   rm73b2et201j More     4760
   RM73B2ET201J More     3540 KOA
   RM73B2ET201J More     5000 KOA NEW IN STOCK
   RM73B2ET201J More     4976 KOA RES,RES
   RM73B2ET201J More     4419 KOA STOCK
   RM73B2ET201J More     4796 KOA REELS - PARTIAL
   RM73B2ET201J More     355 KOA REELS - PARTIAL

Related Parts of RM73B2ET201J

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
RM73B2ET202J    146961 17
RM73B2ET203J     993716 11
RM73B2ET204J   41769 4
RM73B2ET220J          292572 16
RM73B2ET221J      68765 13
RM73B2ET222   8234 2
RM73B2ET222J   89177 12
RM73B2ET223J   36823 7
RM73B2ET224J   20000 2
RM73B2ET240J          214838 13
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Rigtech Equipments & Supply Company is a leading supply house for Oilfield Equipment, Industrial and Equipment supplies to the major Oil Drilling, Construction and Infrastructure and Exploration companies. We serve North America, South America and Middle East We are located in the oil city of USA – Houston, Texas and have our associates in Germany and UK. We have been supplying products ranging from tools, MRO Spares, PPE, electrical accessories, consumables to specialized equipments and spares used for the oil and gas, construction and infrastructure industry. We specialize in all catalog items like McMaster, Grainger, MSC, RS, Hubert, LSS etc. and can offer excellent pricing and delivery. We can offer quality products from stock as well as from USA and Europe at customized deliveries as per your requirement.


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We sell CO, OSP and test equipment

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