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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   RK73H1JTDD1003F More     9995 KOA
AZEGO Technology Services

Address: 103 Bauer Drive Suite A Oakland, NJ, United States 07436
Contact: Sales Team   ,  Phone: 201 327 7500 , Fax: 201 327 3616

   RK73H1JTDD1003F More     1854 KOA NEW
Earthtron LLC

Address: 210 West Road Unit 6 Portsmouth, NH, United States 03801
Contact: John   Pallazola,  Phone: 603-433-2007 , Fax: 603-433-9376

   RK73H1JTDD1003F More     10000 KOA CORP
   RK73H1JTDD1003F More     8451 KOA OUR STOCK
   RK73H1JTDD1003F More     40000 STOCK
   RK73H1JTDD1003F More     5000 KOA
   RK73H1JTDD1003F More     429 KOA
   RK73H1JTDD1003F More     149500 KOA 100K 1% 0603

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
RK73H1JTDD1050F   90000 2
RK73H1JTDD10R0F   1980624 4
RK73H1JTDD1100F      1065251 7
RK73H1JTDD1102F   23222 3
RK73H1JTDD1151F    600 2
RK73H1JTDD1202F     153104 4
RK73H1JTDD1211F   182640 5
RK73H1JTDD1212F   30000 3
RK73H1JTDD1213F   5512 2
RK73H1JTDD1241F   86640 2
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we are facing above part difficulties. Recently we bought from SHINKO . If you can support , since we notice you have a plenty of stock , please provide us the specification , photo's of its label and Lot no.. If all the information is same like our requirement , we'll give this information to Our SHINKO. for further process.