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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   RK73B1JLTD155J More     15000 KOA NEW
Earthtron LLC

Address: 210 West Road Unit 6 Portsmouth, NH, United States 03801
Contact: John   Pallazola,  Phone: 603-433-2007 , Fax: 603-433-9376

   RK73B1JLTD155J More     5000 KOA C13B

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
RK73B1JLTD160J      807058 12
RK73B1JLTD161J          825072 20
RK73B1JLTD162J      756005 7
RK73B1JLTD163J      928539 9
RK73B1JLTD164J       796862 9
RK73B1JLTD180J       1008899 18
RK73B1JLTD181J       1096446 9
RK73B1JLTD182J       231266 12
RK73B1JLTD183J       1068492 14
RK73B1JLTD184J       858095 12
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Address: Room 916, Suite A, Stars Plaza, Hongli Rd, Futian, 518028, China Shenzhen Shenzhen 518028 China

(extra technology limited), gets to the limited technology Company is a distributor of integrated circuits. Has abundant strength and rich business experience, professional sales world-renowned IC manufacturers products, including military level, industrial level, and a series of partial popular civilian IC, the domestic and foreign manufacturers, research units, traders of electronic components supporting one-stop service. Companies based in Beijing, the national business radiation. As a professional IC vendors, I have a company with extensive experience in IC sales, to provide comprehensive support services. Do our utmost to satisfy your needs. I operate world-renowned brand IC, covering communications, instrumentation, aerospace, computer and peripheral products, consumer electronics, and other fields. High quality and low-price line is a permanent target, Help customers improve the market competitiveness of our permanent responsibility. I owned direct sourcing and inventory. A `quick delivery, quality assurance and reasonable price` for the purpose of serving the guarantee provided by the pure quality goods. Any procurement of goods company customer interests are subject to the maximum protection. The long-term distribution : Intel, Altera, PHILIPS, ATMEL, MAXIM. ST INFINEON, ISS brand products. Companies adhering to the \\\"integrity, pragmatism and excellent\\\" business philosophy, Services in the vast number of clients, You are willing to work together to create a better future.

  Nasco Distributor Sales

Address: 5544 central ave st, pete fl 33707 United States

We supply obsolete and hard to find componets to OEMS.

  Smith and Associates

Address: 7026 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 230 Pleasanton California 97566 United States

As a pioneer in the electronics distribution marketplace, Smith & Associates has spent over 20 years developing its customer-focused business model. Driven by customer demand and market forces, Smith acquires and stocks inventory required by our customers. With annual sales in excess of US$500 million, Smith is a leading supplier of CPUs, memory, integrated circuits, peripheral devices, and other electronic components. Smith representatives have deep product knowledge and market expertise. Sales are driven by customer needs rather than by Smith’s on-hand inventory. Leading global electronics manufacturers use Smith to: Source parts on short lead times when parts are scarce or when production changes cause shifts in requirements; Manage costs by making high-volume opportunistic purchases of components when open market pricing is below standard cost; Liquidate excess inventory as soon as surpluses develop, to avoid carrying costs and the risk of declining values; Manage component acquisition for service and warranty programs to reduce inventory carrying costs, take advantage of declining component price trends, and to insure adequate supply; Design and implement highly customized inventory management and procurement programs to support a current build or to augment customer purchasing staff; and Keep abreast of the latest price and supply trends. Smith customers compete in the global computing, telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics, aviation equipment, medical technology, and other electronics sectors -- all rapidly changing and highly competitive. Smith’s private ownership and global management team provide the flexibility and responsiveness to deliver timely and unique solutions to meet dynamic supply chain challenges. Purchasing magazine and Electronic Business magazine currently rank Smith as the No. 1 Independent Distributor of electronic components. Smith has nine offices on three continents and over 300 employees. In 2004, sales topped US$500 million, a first for Smith and for our marketplace. Smith’s global reach, transaction volumes, and extensive network of customers, suppliers, and partners around the world, give us the contacts and knowledge to meet our customers?needs. As an open-market leader, Smith has developed the QualityFirst approach to maintain pacesetting industry standards. Vendor qualification, QC and testing, and highly effective logistics assure our customers of the quality they demand. See QualityFirst for more information. With a successful 20-year track record and original founders in place, Smith has the financial resources to support the requirements of the largest global concerns, with equal interest and focus on our early stage customers. Supported by a working capital credit facility provided by a group of international banks, Smith has more than $120 million available to support large transactions for our investment grade customers, and regional credit managers with authority to approve transactions for our smaller customers. See Financial Information. Customer focus, sourcing flexibility, global reach, unmatched quality, financial strength, and experience are the reasons that Smith & Associates is the #1 Independent Distributor of electronic components to the world’s leading manufacturers.

  B.B.S.Electronics P/L

Address: 10 Tannery Lane #04-01 Singapore Singapore

Distributor, supply chain


Address: VIA ZANARDI 329/3 BOLOGNA BO 40131 Italy