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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   P0699341 More     62 CEMTECHNOLOGIES Headset cable housing

Address: 1360 Presidential #140 Richardson, Texas, United States 75081
Contact: Andy   Parcel,  Phone: 972-238-7762 , Fax: 972-234-5590

   P0699753 More     17 FLEXTRONICS Excess
   P0699720 More     100 METALTEK CMAC INC in stk new 9

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P0699741   1005 2
P0699742   1083 2
P0699743   1414 2
P0699744    151 3
P0699745   204 2
P0699753   33 2
P0699754   223 2
P06AB-LCX08    94 2
P06AD/LVX08    160 2
P06AX-LCX244   2376 2
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Address: 3625 BONNIE DR. orlando fl 32704 United States

hard to find components


Address: 11493 8F,No.79, Chow Tze St.,Taipei,Taiwan Taipei Taiwan

Saint Nation Co.,Ltd is a professional reseller for semiconductors and electronic components in Taiwan.

  Mega Group Components

Address: South Florida South Florida Florida 33071 United States


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Address: 88 Canal RD Fairless Hills PA 19030 United States

Defense contractor

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Would like a spec sheet on this Part & would like to find companyies interested in purchasing Electronics parts...