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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   OP02EP/BICP More     29
   OP02EP/BICP More     400 PMI DIP

Related Parts of OP02EP/BICP

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
OP02EY     19602 6
OP02EZ         91345 86
OP02EZ/HZ     3641 7
OP02FAIJ    1928 4
OP02FH     22091 20
OP02FJ       96717 34
OP02FZ        27421 39
OP02GJ         153874 53
OP02GP        47362 37
OP02GZ     18401 14
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Address: 4623 W. Artesia Blvd.,#4 Lawndale CA 90260 United States

Trading with Japan

  K2 electronic

Address: Neofit rilski str.39 Sofia Bulgaria

I sell components in the Bulgarian market

  Now Electronics Inc

Address: 48 Elm Street Huntington United States

  Jovan Spirovski

Address: Sydney Sydney NSW 2529 Australia

Seller of obsolete excess components


Address: No 20 Pak Kok Lamma Island NT NT Hong Kong

Buyinh agent in HK for Russia