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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   MC74LCX04 More     45 FAIRCHILD BOX 1202
   MC74LCX04 More     222 MOT Stocks
   MC74LCX04 More     1250 MOT TSOP
   MC74LCX04 More     101 MOT
   MC74LCX04 More     4028 ON
   MC74LCX04 More     65 ON 98+
   MC74LCX04 More     50 MOT
   MC74LCX04 More     2000 ON TSSOP
   MC74LCX04 More     54 MOT SOP14

Related Parts of MC74LCX04

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
MC74LCX04D             223982 53
MC74LCX04DG            479344 37
MC74LCX04DR2             1248143 52
MC74LCX04DR2G            731988 48
MC74LCX04DTEL    1166 2
MC74LCX04DTG              463397 26
MC74LCX04DTR     1207 4
MC74LCX04DTR2G                390465 70
MC74LCX04DTRZ   43000 2
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Address: 7F/ 711, Hanshin van B/D, 660-1, Jeonpo-dong, pusan pusan 614040 Korea

We supply some kind of connectors specialized Molex , TYCO/AMP so on and only have been sourcing all of them from manufacturers and authorized franchise. Then, We service our customers with the highest level of satisfaction. For our years in business we have built long-standing relationship with OEMS and manufactuers

  Repco Sales Company

Address: 2737 VIA ORANGE WAY #100 SPRING VALLEY CA 91978 United States

Ferrite core, MPP, distributor; hardware and bobbins, ferrite gapping

  Thara Worldwide Distributions

Address: 21, TAN QUEE LAN STREET, #02-04, HE Singapore Singapore

Import and Export of Branded and Non-Branded Computer Parts and Peripherals etc. (HP,Compaq,Ibm,3com,Cisco, Dell and Lenova) LCD Panels, Semi-Conductor Products and others. Import and Export of Branded Consumer Products such as Batteries, Ink Cartridges, Mobile Phone, Apple iPads and any products our clients wants us to source. Stockist of Computer and Consumer Electronics Products etc Excess Stock Semi-Conductor products offered at a fantastic value.

  3D Industrial Electronic Pte Ltd

Address: 10, kaki Bukit Road 1, #03-12 Kaki Bukit Industrial Bldg. Singapore 416175 Singapore

Resale & Repairing Services


Address: Klb Neuilly Plaisance France

KL2B has specialised in the sourcing and supply of Equipment & Spares for the most demanding industries such as Defense, Oil & Gas, Automotive & Telecommunications.