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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   MC14193DTR2 More     14000 MOTOROLA
Score Components Inc.

Address: 150 Sam Fonzo Drive Beverly, Massachusetts, United States 01915
Contact: Rick   Nardella,  Phone: 978-969-3334 , Fax: 978-998-4915

   MC14193DTR2 More     12000 MOT BJD

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
MC14194      6341 7
MC14194B         42309 31
MC14194BAL      39771 11
MC14194BBEBS       240 9
MC14194BCL           8282 20
MC14194BCLD    10002 2
MC14194BCP                 75529 79
MC14194BCPDIP16   356 2
MC14194P   2022 4
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  Fang Yuan Electronics,Ltd

Address: Xi'an 24F, building C hua'ao masion, 10 #keji road shaan'xi 710065 China

Established in 1994, Fangyuan Electronics is the leader distributor of Electronics Components in northwest of China. Our headquarters is in Xi\'an, and we have 10 branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and Ukraine. For 13 years, we have lots of customers all over the world, especially in USA, Canada, Korea and Europe. Fangyuan have more than 180 employees who have the experienced electronic business, some of them are the professional technical engineers. We have large stock for your purchasing, especially IC. If you have any inquiries, please send email or fax to me, I will do my best to help you for your purchasing in China.


Address: 210 GODDARD IRVINE CA 92618 United States



Address: sindorim 400-1 Seoul Korea



Address: P. O. Box 565 Paramus NJ 07653 United States

Distributor to OEM ' s

  jhaircraft company co.,ltd

Address: Rm317-319 No.2 NanYun West St GUANGZHOU GUANGDONG 510660 China

We are an aircraft company co.,ltd. we services air line of china and air repair factory. it was set up in 2003