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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   M012WS More     2700 RALEC
   M01 2R7 5% More     36270 IRC RESISTOR AXIAL 2.7O 5% 1W MO
   M012BL More     60
   M0-12C6A20.00MHZ More     340 MEC
   M012D More     22500 TOYOTA In stock,ROSH,SOP24
   M012R7JT52 More     3000 KOA STOCK-NEW
   M012R2JT52 More     4000 KOA SPEER ELEC 978-283-6600
   M01/2W15RJ More     1000.00 KOA 1/2W 15 OHM 5%

Related Parts of M012BL

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
M01300JT52   3450 2
M01301JT52   6800 2
M01302GL   2000 2
M01302J   6998 2
M0130RL200      13067 6
M0130RL220    6080 2
M0130RL240    200080 2
M0130RL250     1398088 4
M0130RM200      19254 7
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  Shenzhen IOCE Electronic Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 2118, Dynamic world Building,ZhenZhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen Guangdong 518031 China

Shenzhen IOCE Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. We\'re one of biggest wholesalers in Shenzhen China. Providing electronic components of first-hand sources. Products Line: SMD Tantalum capacitor, MLCC, Diode, Transistor...etc.,


Address: Huzangaya, 14, office 610B Cheboksary Chuvashia Russia

Wholesale deliveries of electronic components

  Potenza Ltd.

Address: R. Morais de Barros 512 S,Paulo Brazil

we are looking for this part for resale

  Supreme Components Intl .Pte Ltd

Address: No. 8 , On Sum Street ,Topsail Plaza , Shatin, Hong kong Hong kong Hong kong 480956 Hong Kong

Franchise Distributor of ISOCOM components , Light Engine and OptiLed comes under CREE/COCTO .

  NanJing DeTianQi Trading Company

Address: Unit 101. No.15 Diao Yu Xiang nanjing of CHINA nanjing jiang su 210001 China

sell IC