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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer

Related Parts of M012740108

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
M012750124   12 3
M012760122   6 3
M01300JT52   3450 2
M01301JT52   6800 2
M01302GL   2000 2
M01302J   6998 2
M0130RL200      13067 6
M0130RL220    6080 2
M0130RL240    200080 2
RFQs for related parts of M012740108:
  rayma inc

Address: 7161 silver lake blvd. s-318 alexandria va 22315 United States

Distributor of hard to find electronic parts.

  EGB Technology company limited

Address: EGB Technology company limited SHENZHEN China

  Intec-Electronic Group Ltd

Address: Tirat ZVI 11 - Rishon- LEZION israel 75282 Israel

Intec-Electronic Group Ltd is a global distributor of Electronic components & electrical equipment. The Intec-Electronic Group staff has many years of experience leading to competitive pricing, and timely delivery in the Hi-Tech industries. Our goal is to meet the needs of the ever growing electronic industry, ensuring top quality according to our customer's demands while providing the lowest possible prices along and the highest level of service. Maintaining these standards has lead us close and lasting business relationships with all of our customers, distributors and suppliers alike. Intec-Electronic Group has the ability to respond instantly with exclusive access to worldwide information systems that provide immediate confirmation of stock availability. Intec-Electronic Group maintains an excellent relationship with industry resources throughout the world, including, Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and the Middle East. Our line includes Active, Passive, Military and Obsolete (end-of-life) components. Intec-Electronic Group buys and sells surplus inventory, and works closely with companies to develop inventory reduction solutions .

  Okura Denki Co. Ltd

Address: 1-19-21 Shimanouchi Chuouku Osaka Osaka 5420082 Japan

to supply electric parts for factory that manufactures invertors.

  Saint Nation

Address: 8F, No.79, Chow Tze St., Taipei Taiwan