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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   M-FIAM5H21 More     85 VICOR
   M-FIAM5H21 More     85
   M-FIAM5H21 More     318 VICOR
   M-FIAM5H21 More     50 VICOR MODULE
   M-FIAM5H21 More     60 EUPEC MODULE DC
   M-FIAM5H21 More     48
   M-FIAM5H21 More     10000

Related Parts of M-FIAM5H21

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
M-FIAM5H22       14151 23
M-FIAM5H23    587 11
M-FIAM5HN1      12400 16
M-FIAM5HN2      46185 16
M-FIAM5HN3   6 2
M-FIAM5HS1      11621 16
M-FIAM5HS2    410 9
M-FIAM5M11      48813 11
M-FIAM5M12    410 9
M-FIAM5M13      10939 16
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