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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   M-FIAM5BM12 More     12
   M-FIAM5BM12 More     12 VICOR
   M-FIAM5BM12 More     18 VICOR 18,module

Related Parts of M-FIAM5BM12

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
M-FIAM5BM13    373 3
M-FIAM5BM21      1350 12
M-FIAM5BM22     817 10
M-FIAM5BM23      496 8
M-FIAM5BMG1   4 2
M-FIAM5BMN1   254 5
M-FIAM5BMN2    98 5
M-FIAM5BMN3   2 2
M-FIAM5BMS3    342 6
M-FIAM5CH21   10 2
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Address: 541 Glen Court Pasadena CA 91105 United States

Scrapper - from time to time I come across some items that I would rather not scrap. Assuming your inventory is an acceptable destination for a government EUC (and if you don't know what that is forget it) are you interested in a couple of these units... (and in doing future business as opportunities emerge). Respectfully, Mr. Walter H Rose

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Address: 20 emilien-marcoux suite 107 blainville, quebec Canada

independent distributor

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Address: Shuangfeng Road, Taoyuan City 3F, No. 164 of 2 Taoyuan Taiwan

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