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LM240WU6-SDA1 OEM Excess from kr ICT Korea.Inc   LM240WU6-SDA1     24inch LCD Panel     LG     600    US$ 1111  
      Contact: Raymond Jang      Phone: 82117158553  
LM240WU6-SDA1 OEM Excess from kr ICT Korea.Inc   LM240WU6-SDA1     24inch LCD Panel     LGD     600    US$ 1111  
      Contact: Raymond Jang      Phone: 82117158553  
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LM240WU6-SDA1   7777      

LM240WU6-SDA1 RFQs from United States  Sonicare Solutions Inc.

BOYNTON BEACH, Florida, United States 33426

Contact: James   Michaels Phone: +1 561 202 9717 Fax: +1 561 202 9701
Sonicare Solutions Inc. headquartered in Boca Raton has become a pillar in the stocking distributor industry, founded in 2000 by John and Michael Kjaerulff. Sonicare Solutions Inc. has grown over the years from being solely a broker, to expanding its office space to accommodate its new role as a stocking distributor that is able to service any OEM, CEM, Broker, repair station and other sectors. By becoming a stocking distributor, Sonicare is able to offer its customers faster service, scheduled deliveries, and a gateway to move surplus inventory. Sonicare has its customer’s best interest in mind and is always looking to expand in other areas and locations to stay on top of the game. Sonicare has offices in China as well as an established sister company in Germany. The demands put on business in today’s industry are many and Sonicare has made it its goal to be in the forefront.

LM240WU6-SDA1   6255  
LCD 24 in FAC-NEW gr A SAV150107  
LM240WU6-SDA1   6270  
LM240WU6-SDA1   1000  

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