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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   L1A7339 More     51 LSI PGA
   L1A7339 More     51 LSI LOGIC CORP

Related Parts of L1A7339

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
L1A7342      3462 8
L1A7351    2871 2
L1A7354     3879 10
L1A7361   6 2
L1A7362     3995 5
L1A7382    2941 5
L1A7387KPC   82 2
L1A7391       8903 27
L1A7397   6 2
L1A7401   103 2
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  Molex Electronic Company

Address: 3B115# Electronics city Duhui SZ Guangdong 518000 China

Our company accumulated a lot of experiences in dealing with ICs, especially for communication ICs. We always keep enough inventory .Our customers include electronic components distributors, electric appliance maintenance, retailers and also whole sellers. Besides, we have good relationship with vendors all over the world.


Address: 18 RUE LOUIS FOURNIER MEAUX 77100 France

electronic parts

  Egypt For Trading and Electronics

Address: 837 Building, Zahraa Nasr city Cairo Cairo 11986 Egypt



Address: shenzhenfutian shenzhen China



Address: 7320 St Jacques Montreal Canada

electronic components