Request bid and quote on KSS272A, 2 suppliers with 20 pcs

Country Quantity Suppliers
   United States 20 1
   China 0 1

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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   KSS-272A More     20 SONY
   KSS272A More     50 SONY

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
KSS-3108     290 4
KSS310A     26 3
KSS313A       633 7
KSS313AKHS313A    8 2
KSS313C       64 6
KSS314A   500 2
KSS321G         314945 15
KSS321GLFS         2291725 24
KSS323G      233541 14
KSS323GLFG        2270611 11
More Suppliers:
  Giocom LLC

Address: 6401 E Rogers Circle, Suite #4 Boca Raton Florida 33487 United States
Phone: 561-907-8487  Fax: 561-948-2057

Electronic and Avionics components distribution.

  Proactive Components Inc.

Address: 4400 118th Ave N Suite 300 Clearwater Florida 33762 United States
Phone: 727-535-2645  Fax: 727-535-2624

At Proactive Components, we have the resources necessary to enhance your buying experience. We are an independent, stocking distributor of all board level electronic components, including semiconductors, passives, connectors, relays and switches. As a member of the Electronics Resellers Association International, we offer the highest quality parts, competitive pricing and a guarantee with every purchase. Our industry excellence and knowledgeable staff will help you find the components you need.

  Iconix Inc.

Address: 40 Oser Avenue Suite 4 Hauppauge NY 11788 United States
Phone: 631-850-3357

Iconix Inc. is a leading ISO 9001:2008-certified & IDEA-STD-1010A Compliant, distributor of Electronic Components & Airplane Parts, specializing in hard to find, obsolete and shortage parts. We offer an extensive, global network of supplier relationships, that enable us to quickly and competitively source the parts you need, from Authorized Supply Channels throughout the globe.

  J2sourcing AB

Address: Modemgatan 4 Vellinge Sweden 23539 Sweden
Phone: +46406727250  Fax: +466727259

  Aero Technical Components

Address: 2800 Gandy Blvd. N. ST. PETERSBURG FL 33702 United States
Phone: 727-577-6115  Fax: 727-563-9134

A worldwide distributor of electronic components with specialties in hard to find, military, and obsolete materials.

RFQs Listed:
  world telecom supply, llc

Address: 352 lindsay street suite a alcoa tn 37701 United States
Phone: 865-233-4919

Buy And sell Telecom equipment

  Sundance Corporate Supply, Inc.

Address: PO Box 8 Crows Landing ca 95313 United States
Phone: 2098374789  Fax: 2098374782

distributor of products for maintenance & repair


Address: 715-16 Hosan-Dong, TaerimBuilding 5FL Dalseo-Gu Daegu 704-948 Korea
Phone: +82-53-581-4457

supply various componets such as IC, LCD, LED to automotive manufacturers in Korea

  Richardson International

Address: 600 State Street Portsmouth United States
Phone: 6037662680

Export company

  Electrodynamics GmbH

Address: Fluhweg 2 CH-4324 Obermumpf Switzerland
Phone: +41 62 873 50 05