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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   K4S281632F-TC75T More     100000 SAM in stock
   K4S281632F-TC75T More     562 SAMSUNG SEMI
   K4S281632F-TC75T More     50 SAMSUNG
   K4S281632F-TC75T More     20000 SAMSUNG
   K4S281632F-TC75T More     20,000pcs SAMSUNG
   K4S281632F-TC75T More     10000 SAMSUNG
   K4S281632F-TC75T More     1000 SAMSUNG
   K4S281632FTC75T More     5400 HYNI
   K4S281632FTC75T More     11000 SAMSUNG
   K4S281632F-TC75T More     2000 MICRON STK

Related Parts of K4S281632F-TC75T

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
K4S281632F-TC75T00        117673 13
K4S281632F-TC80     42413 5
K4S281632F-TI60    24122 2
K4S281632F-TI75          572362 45
K4S281632FTI75000   480 2
K4S281632F-TI75T00     54884 4
K4S281632FTI75UI    101000 2
K4S281632F-TL1H    24141 2
K4S281632F-TL60       124417 15
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Address: Av. La Marina Callao Peru

Independent distributor

  Hannis Tech

Address: Pekris 4 Rehovot Israel 76101 Israel

Please send me quote ASAP

  Saveforyou Co., Ltd.

Address: #Da-3507, Joongang Circulation Complex 1258,Guro-dong, Seoul Guro-gu 152-721 Korea

We are the Wholesaler and dealer of Electronic components; Semi conductor, I.C, T.R, connectors etc..


Address: 7339 NW 54 ST SUITE NI-413 Miami FL 33166 United States

Independant Electronic Part Distributor

  Quittner & Schimek s.r.o.

Address: Komenského 304 Nová Paka Czech Republic 50901 Czech Republic

Quittner & Schimek is an experienced supplier of interconnection solutions for the aerospace, defense, transport and telecommunication markets. The company offers complete in-house assembly of wire harnesses, custom cables, boxes and other electrical units. Quittner & Schimek is an experienced distributor of premium electronical components such as connectors, backshells, wires and cables, heatshrinkable parts, relays, switches, displays, embedded PCs, converters and full range of related tools.