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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   ICM7555CD More     30 PHILPS

Address: 1525 W. Alton Ave. Santa Ana, CA, United States 92704
Contact: SALES   DEPT.,  Phone: 310-325-4949 , Fax:

   ICM7555CD More     1180 PH IN STOCK! vpe: 2500/tr/so8
ComS.I.T. Inc.

Address: 11 River Street Middleton, MA, United States 01949
Contact: Courtney   Carrasco,  Phone: (978) 539-8600 , Fax: (978) 304-1080

   ICM7555CD More     86 V-TEK IN STOCK
   ICM7555CD More     175 NXP NEW 1503JERSTK
   ICM7555CD More     51 PHILIPS
   ICM7555CD More      3124 PHILIPS stock
   ICM7555CD More     200 PHIL STOCK
   ICM7555CD More     76 SIG
   ICM7555CD More     41 PHILIPS-SEMI
   ICM7555CD More     110

Related Parts of ICM7555CD

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
ICM7555CD/01          678720 27
ICM7555CD/01-112          505839 26
ICM7555CD/01-118          1994016 29
ICM7555CD/01-T    60776 5
ICM7555CD-602       77504 8
ICM7555CD623     139465 4
ICM7555CDT          505603 28
ICM7555CJ     10498 4
ICM7555CN             290419 66
ICM7555CN/01     76697 5
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Address: 7320 St Jacques Montreal Canada

electronic components


Address: Uhdestraße 31 Heilbronn Germany

electronic service, key account

  1st Call Electronics

Address: 27726 Falkirk Mission Viejo, Ca. 92691 United States

1st Call Electronics offers a team of industry veterans. With experience dating back to 1965, our sales team offer competitive prices and overnight delivery. If we don’t have the exact part you are looking for, we will find it. We have access to sources worldwide. You will get an expedited quote from us, usually within the same business day. In addition to our vast knowledge of the distribution industry, we also purchase excess inventory including obsolete and / or overstocked IC’s and peripherals. We also feature several consignment opportunities for excess inventory. If you consign it to us, we can list and market your components worldwide and obtain top dollar for you. Give us a call today. 1st Call Electronics has the tools & experience to locate what you are looking for. As an independent distributor, we specialize in locating obsolete semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, military, active & passive components. We pride ourselves in helping you bring down or even eliminate long lead times from the factory. Global sourcing focusing on allocated, obsolete, hard-to-find products. 1st Call Electronics offers the highest level of quality service. Our experience in the distribution industry has taught us the value of customer service. It starts with a first article procedure, providing repeatability during each shipment. It continues with documenting in-process Quality Assurance checks. It ends with a final inspection that all electrical characteristics meet their requirements.

  A.S. (china) Ltd

Address: 7F/C, No. 285 Changshou Rd, Hengda Mansion Shanghai China

We're a IC distributor in Shanghai, China. We have a customer have demand for RJN1167, SOT323, montly volume 20K. Pls advise your best price, packing, terms FOB Hong Kong. If price OK, would require samples for first articale approval. Pls reply ASAP if you could support.


Address: 633 OLIVER CT CORPUS CHRISTI, TX United States