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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   G202/2k2 More     98 DRALORIC Axial 5x15mm/TR,Resistor 4W/
   G202297-103 More     56 AMD INTEGRATED CIRCUITS,29825A/BLA/AM
   G202 2K7 5% AC G73 More     2000
   g2022k75acg73 More     4000 VISHAY-GRO g202 2k7 5% ac g73
   G2022K75%ACG73 More     4000 VIS
   G2022841 More     52

Related Parts of G202280-852

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
G202283-852   350 2
G202298103    22 2
G202/2K2   257 2
G2022K75ACG73     25000 4
G2022R25AAG73     2200 3
G2022R25ACG73     174500 3
G2022R75AAG73     2100 4
G202309-852   125 2
G202330R5AAG73     1000 4
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  ZVX Corp

Address: 2528 Qume Drive, Suite 3 San Jose CA 95131 United States

Independent distributor located in Northern California with on-location stock of a broad range of components from hard-to-find semiconductors to connectors. Since 1995, we have provided our customers with prompt, competitively-priced global sourcing, kitting, and excess inventory solutions.

  Market Connections

Address: Hanzenstraat Amsterdam Netherlands

We are a Dutch IT trader and are currently sourcing intem enclosed, looking for availability and pricing.

  Bisco Industries

Address: 10606 Hempstead Rd Houston TX 77092 United States


  A.S.(China) Limited

Address: 7F/C,Hengda Bldg, No.1,Lane 285, Changshou Rd., Putuo Dist.,Shanghai,China shnaghai China

spot goods

  Best Brihgt Technology (HK) Co., Ltd

Address: Room32J,B#,Xiandaizhichuang,Zhenhualu,Futian Shenzhen 518000 China

Stocking distributor of aerospace, aviation, and military hardware and electronic components.