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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   EP5618 More     22 FPGA

Address: 1525 W. Alton Ave. Santa Ana, CA, United States 92704
Contact: SALES   DEPT.,  Phone: 310-325-4949 , Fax:

   EP5618 More     52 PCA transformers

Related Parts of EP5618

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
EP570F256C5N    2627 4
EP570F256I5    2231 5
EP57C49B-45   200 2
EP5902   99 2
EP5C031    41463 7
EP5C032      45008 14
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Address: Hong kong Hong kong Hong Kong

Distribute to China factory


Address: 34-10 36TH AVENUE, SUITE 3F United States

TRUS International LLC is a global supplier of diversified spare parts. Since our founding in 2004, we have been supporting various government institutions around the world with high quality components.


Address: 10 Upper Aljunied Link #07-02 Singapore SGP Singapore

trader, disti,

  Siclonet S.A.

Address: Buenos Aires 2160 Olivos Buenos Aires 1636 Argentina

Valves, gaskets, replacement parts

  D&K Technologies Limited

Address: Room 1907 Cheung Fung Industrial Building 23-39 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan Hong Kong

We are an official Mac8 Distributor in Hong Kong. If you need Mac8 items in Hong Kong and China, we can support you. Some HK series and TH series are in our stock. We have the following available for sales! HK-2-G HK-2-S HK-3-G-T HK-3-S-T TH-1.6-1.5-M3 TH-1.6-7.0-M3