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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   CGM-10-006 More     53 SPRAGUE SPRAGUE - CGM-10-006
   CGM020M5-SRO/S More     39
   CGM10-006 More     55 SPR STOCK

Related Parts of CGLX60

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
CGM020M5-SMP    79 2
CGM10-006   8 2
CGM15-005   5 2
CGM7607L   2 2
CGMA7280    344 5
CGMM44-22SK24-GDF   52 2
CGMM4422SK24GDF50   40 2
CGNB4SK   10035 2
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  UBT co., ltd

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  universal hardware

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  Rochester Electronics

Address: 16 Malcolm Hoyt drive Newburyport Ma 01905 United States

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  SemiLinks, Inc.

Address: 1190 Miraloma Way, Ste Sunnyvale, CA India

semiLinks, Inc. is a premier Independent Distributors of Electronic Components, Computer peripherals and Computer Software, Hardware, Firmware programming consultants. We are dedicated in helping clients to achieve a peak performance and high quality product and services in the distribution industry.

  FirstIC Electronics Co., Ltd.

Address: Taiwan Taipei Hsien Taiwan