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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   C1206JKNP09BN332 More     2760 SEMIKRON
   C1206JKNP09BN332 More     374
   C1206JKNP09BN332 More     80000 PHYCOMP
   C1206JKNP09BN332 More     4000 PHYCOMP

Related Parts of C1206JKNP09BN332

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
C1206JKNP0BBN221   197100 2
C1206JKNP0DBN101    36000 3
C1206JKNPO9BN272-1206-272J    44000 5
C1206JKNPO9BN332-1206-332J     15600 4
C1206JKNPOBBN820-1206-82P-500V     9700 3
C1206JKNPODBN101   15480 2
C1206JKNPODBN220     6796 3
C1206JKX7R0BB223-1206-223J-100V     7896000 6
C1206JKX7R7BB474    9000 3
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Address: 5-6 GINZA 8 CHOME CHUO-KU TOKYO 104-0061 Japan

We are import distributor in Japan.

  Availalbe Components

Address: 9 Marina Dr Haverhill MA MA United States

Over 25 years of experience, delivering hard-to-find, allocated, discontinued and obsolete components.

  Chesapeake Connector Co.

Address: 6904 Columbia Road Middle River Maryland 21220 United States

Small woman owned Electronic Dist. in the Maryland area.

  Jingke Tech

Address: blk 12, lorong bakar batu Singapore Singapore

Hi, May I know the selling price? Thanks you. Best Regards, Dianwen


Address: Shenzhen China