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  Part No. Quantity Manufacturer Comment
AT25BCM512B-MAH-T   90000   ATMEL    
AT25BCM512B-MAH-T  Part Hunters, LLC
1831 Oakmont Ave. Suite B Tarpon Springs, FL, United States 34689
Contact: Dave   Bevis   Phone: 727-939-4824 ext 103  
AT25BCM512B-MAH-T   139725   ATMEL    
AT25BCM512B-MAH-T   80000   ATMEL   ATMEL - AT25BCM512B-MAH-T  
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Address: 1060 holland ave,CLOVIS,CA.,United States,93612
Contact: Tran Sanders  Phone: 559-294-6015   Fax: 559-294-7090
   American Microsemiconductor
Address: 133 Kings Road,Madison,NJ,United States,07940
Contact: Toni Longfield  Phone: 973-377-9566   Fax: 973-377-3078
   Merefield's Electronics Ltd
Address: 9 Vernon Place,Canterbury,,United Kingdom,CT1 3HG
Contact: Byrom Boutorabi  Phone: +44 (0) 1227 866908   Fax: +44 (0) 1227 451333
   Abacus Technologies
Address: 3894 Mannix Drive Bld 208 ,Naples,Florida,United States,34114
Contact: Sefanit    Phone: 781-792-1800 ext 15   Fax: 781-792-1801
   Proactive Components Inc.
Address: 4400 118th Ave N Suite 300,Clearwater,Florida,United States,33762
Contact: Mitch Johnson  Phone: 727-535-2645   Fax: 727-535-2624
   Aero Technical Components
Address: 2800 Gandy Blvd. N.,ST. PETERSBURG,FL,United States,33702
Contact: DREW MCCAIN  Phone: 727-577-6115   Fax: 727-563-9134
   M & R Communications
Address: 40 SAWGRASS DR #4,BELLPORT,New York,United States,11713
Contact: Artie, Diana  Kellerman  Phone: 631-447-2003   Fax: 631-447-2352
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