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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   AJQ1343F More     2447 PANASONIC RELAYS
   AJQ1349 More     200 SAMENDCSTOCKH.NN

Related Parts of AJQ1341F

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
AJQ1349   400 2
AJQ3342   38 2
AJQ634181   1990 2
AJQ6345   140 2
AJQ6345M01   140 2
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Address: PO BOX 420 Aleppo Syria

service co for repairing and selling electronic parts

  Ejaz wholesale

Address: 2000 E Arapaho Rd RICHARDSON Texas 75081 United States


  bear technology

Address: 1947 Bager Way Mustang United States

  Rebound Electronics

Address: Newbury Park Italy


Address: 7F/ 711, Hanshin van B/D, 660-1, Jeonpo-dong, pusan pusan 614040 Korea

We supply some kind of connectors specialized Molex , TYCO/AMP so on and only have been sourcing all of them from manufacturers and authorized franchise. Then, We service our customers with the highest level of satisfaction. For our years in business we have built long-standing relationship with OEMS and manufactuers