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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   22252C105KAT1A More     901 AVX *STOCK *NEW&ORIGINAL
   22252C105KAT1A More     1000 AVX REAL OEMXS!!!!
   22252C105KAT1A More     521 AVX IN STK-1K/TR-
   22252C105KAT1A More     963 AVX
   22252C105KAT1A More     49075 AVX
   22252C105KAT1A More     439 AVX
   22252C105KAT1A More     4000 AVX
   22252C105KAT1A More     21943 AVX

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
22252C105KAT2A       314767 10
22252C105KAT4A    25157 6
22252C105KAZ1A     693 3
22252C105MAT2A    14317 4
22252C154KAT2A      610261 4
22252C225KAT2A   1002 2
22252C274KAT00F    2000 3
22252C334KAT    80589 4
22252C334KAT1A      170796 6
22252C334MAT1A     607350 4
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Address: 29C, Press Tower Shenzhen Guangdong 518009 China

Independent distributor

  Alliance Connection Enterprise

Address: 8,Burn Road,#15-13,Trivex,S(369977) Singapore

electronic component distributors


Address: Link Business Park United Kingdom

  Laksa Daya Adhitama, CV

Address: PCI Blok E30 No.2 Cilegon Banten - Indonesia 42422 Indonesia

Please give us your quotation of : 1. Rotating Diode for Siemens P/N : MDD95A12N 24 pcs (Geniune) Please Total Price include Shipment Cost by Air Fright to Jakarta - Indonesia by DHL, TNT, FEDEX


Address: 5F BOC of Bldg, Futian District, Shenzhen Shenzhen China