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1847398000 NEW ORIGINAL

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  Part No. Quantity Manufacturer Comment
1847398000   16     NEW ORIGINAL  
184-7398-000   50      
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   Neways Advanced Applications B.V.
Address: Science Park Eindhoven 5004,Son ,Noord-Brabant,Netherlands,5692 EA
Contact: Fransjan  Saes  Phone: 0031402673451   Fax: 003140267448
   J2sourcing AB
Address: Modemgatan 4,Vellinge,Sweden,Sweden,23539
Contact: Jesper Andersson  Phone: +46406727250   Fax: +466727259
   Progressive Technologies EUROPE
Address: 575, rue de la Bergeresse,Olivet,France,France,F-45100
Contact: DAHIA Magid  Phone: (33)   Fax: (33)
   Sonicare Solutions Inc.
Address: 111 COMMERCE ROAD,BOYNTON BEACH,Florida,United States,33426
Contact: James Michaels  Phone: +1 561 202 9717   Fax: +1 561 202 9701
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