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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   160104J160C-F More     664 CORNELL DUBILIER Stock
   160104J160C-F More     3000 ARCO CROSS
   160104J160C-F More     2906 CORNELL DUBILIER

Related Parts of 160104J160C-F

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
160104J250D   11839 3
160104J250D-F   75488 4
160104J250F     9596 6
160104J250F-F    3764 2
160-104/J/400G       22858 7
160104J400G-F    18609 4
160104J630L      1462 5
160104J630L-F    20006 5
160104K100C        1340 9
160104K100C-F     27098 8
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  D.S.E. SRL

Address: V. GALVANI, 36 SETTIMO MIL.SE ITALY 20019 Italy


  Solexon Co., Ltd.

Address: Rm. A-50, 1st FL., at Electro-land, 16-9, Hangangro 3-Ga, Yongsan-Gu Seoul n.a. 140-879 Korea

We supply customers with Electronic components including semiconductor...

  Koehlke Components

Address: 1201 Commerce Center Drive Franklin ohio 45005 United States

Koehlke Components, Inc. (KCI, Cage 5N063), a small business, is currently celebrating 30 years in operation. KCI employs 32 good people and is proud of its 30 year accomplishment. A privately held family operation, KCI began in September 1976 as a spare parts provider.

  Kone Industrial Oy

Address: Myllykatu 3 HYVINKÄÄ Southern Finland FI-05800 Finland

Elevator, escalator, doors spare parts supply

  Weierda Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.

Address: A1915, Guoli Buliding, Zhonghang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen Guangdong 518000 China

Weierda Technology (HK) Co., Ltd. established in 2002, with more than 10 years experience in Electronic Components industry. We are one of the LARGEST global suppliers specialize in every famous brand Semiconductor Integrated Circuit (IC), SMD Diodes, Triodes, Capacitor, Voltage-Regulator Tube, Inductance, Tantalum Capacitor, Field-Effect Tube, Darlington Tube, Three-terminal Voltage-regulator Tube, Photocoupler and so on. We are the agent and distributor of NS, MURATA, AD, MAXIM, TI, TOSHIBA, NEC, PHILIPS, ST, ON, ROHM, MOT, FAIRCHILD, SIEMENS, AT, SHARP, TOREX, RICOH, SEIKO, Richtek, AVX, TDK and so on. Our Electronic Components are widely used in every electronic products for Civil, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Aerospace, Medical use. We have professional sales & management experiences in this particular industry for many years. We can match all kinds of electronic components to meet your requirements. The most important key is the large inventory we had IN-STOCK. We have received a good reputation due to we understand how important quality, delivery and price is to the success of your projects. It is our goal to exceed our customer’s expectation through our total commitment to quality, continuously improve our quality systems and understand that reliability is the key to customer satisfaction. We understand that our customer need more than a supplier, they need a strategic partner in their material chain. Therefore, we are striving to be that and more. We hope to establish a long-term business relationship with the brokers and end-user in every corner of the world.