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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   154MSR630K More     20 ILL CAP RAD METAL POLYESTER EPOXY DIPPED .15uf 630V 10% 22
M & R Communications

Address: 40 SAWGRASS DR #4 BELLPORT, New York, United States 11713
Contact: Artie, Diana   Kellerman,  Phone: 631-447-2003 , Fax: 631-447-2352

   154MSR630K More     1400 ILC
   154MSR630K More     80000 ILC
   154MSR630K More     400 ILLI
   154MSR630K More     10800 DIV
   154MSR630K More     895 ILLINOIS CAPACITOR
   154MSR630K More     40000 ILLINOIS CAPACITOR

Related Parts of 154MSR630K

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
154MWR063K    721 2
154MWR250K      45472 6
15-4-N-0   444 4
154N-001G-RT    1339 4
154N-005A-C   6 2
154N-005A-R    658 4
154N-005G-R    526 3
154N-005G-RT    1714 4
154N-015A-R     812 4
154N-015G-R     996 4
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  Nuwise Information Co.,Ltd

Address: Luo Hu Location , DongMen Road , TianJun Building 22FD2Room China , ShenZhen City Guang Dong Province China

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Address: shenzhen guangdong china shenzhen guangdong asia China

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Address: Ebisu Garden Place Tower 23F Japan


Address: Flat C & D, 3/F, Kin Yip Plaza, 9 Cheung Yee St., Cheung Sha Wan, Kln.,Hongkong HongKong HongKong Hong Kong

Shiningway Electronics is founded in 2006 in HK. is a professional and fast-growing independent distributor, supplying electronic components for OEM,ODM and EMS customers all over the world. Our product include active ( IC,memory,diodes and transistors) and passive ( capacitors, resistors and sensors ) components. We keep abundant stock to meet customer¡¯s production needs, and our global sources make us help.

  electronic parts co

Address: 2620 rhode island albuquerque new mexico 87110 United States

distributor of electronic componentsv