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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   12062E104M500BAE More     3800 AU CERA CHIP MONO 1206 50V Z5U
M & R Communications

Address: 40 SAWGRASS DR #4 BELLPORT, New York, United States 11713
Contact: Artie, Diana   Kellerman,  Phone: 631-447-2003 , Fax: 631-447-2352

   12062E104M500BAE More     28000 ACR CMC
   12062E104M500BAE More     99 AUCERA RES
   12062E104M500BAE More     39800 AU CERA Z5U CHIP MONO 1206

Related Parts of 12062E104M500BAE

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
12062E104M9B20D    31800 2
12062E104M9BB   5284 2
12062E104M9BB0   9815 6
12062E104M9BB2   41756 4
12062E104M9BB20    12000 3
12062E104Z500BA      315535 5
12062E104Z9BBO   9300 3
12062E153M500BA    24000 2
12062E154M9BB0   450 2
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