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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   108-SA More     24000
   108-SA More     9999 HAKKO

Related Parts of 108-SA

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
108SAK016M    30100 2
108SAK025M    44080 3
108SAK035M    547 5
108SML6R3M   4926 2
108T1K10X    31505 3
108T2DSI    176 2
108TMA016M   2329 2
108TT035MSD2   992 4
108TTA010MD   758 2
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  jingge electronics

Address: Unit E, 23F, Kejijingcheng(East Block), No.668, East Beijing RD, Shanghai, PRC Shanghai China China

JingGe Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd is an independent distributor of electronic component. We have good relationship with USA, Canada and Singapore suppliers and customers. Our database has more than million different items and hundred million of stock offers. We are capable to trade the stock and parts booking of more than five thousands of manufacturers. We are specialized in hard-to find (e.g. military and industrial grade), obsolete, allocated products.

  CSE Parts Supply

Address: Unit 8, Oxonian Park, Kidlington Oxford Oxfordshire OX5 1FP United Kingdom

Aviation spare parts supplier.

  comdic ltd

Address: 75-2-302 491 zhongshan west road shijiazhuang hebei province 050081 China

COMDIC LTD is a sales in northen china for electronic elements and device.

  Global Aviation Spares Pty Ltd

Address: 34/8 Tilley Lane Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 Australia

Aircraft spare parts broker

  Axentel Technologies

Address: 1085 Commonwealth Avenue Boston MA 02215 United States

Could you please send me a quote for a BFD 323 531/2 R4A with 5,10, and 20 cards magazine. Please indicate your delivery time for these.