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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   0E1950H0 More     55 CHY
   0E1950H0 More     18100 CHY
   0E1950H0 More     922 CHER OEM 2-5 DAYS
   0E1950H0 More     671 CHY
   0E1950H0 More     500 CHER

Related Parts of 0E1950H0

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
0E2000M0     12031 4
0E2050K0     11188 5
0E2150H0    24350 4
0E2200AX    11785 3
0E2250HX    31456 4
0E2255HX    11146 3
0E2285HX   19039 3
0E23-50K0   524 2
0E2355HX    11225 4
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  GN Trading Co.

Address: 43, Gwanseok-ri, Daegok-myeon Jinju Gyeongnam 660-912 Korea

Our company is distributor of electronic parts in Korea. we need just 10 pcs as a sample for the test purpose. After completion of sucessful testing, we will buy in a large quantity.


Address: sz of china sz China


Address: shenzhen,china hongkong China

Address: No. 598 Wuzhong Rd, Room 203, #3 building, shanghai shanghai China

We are a distributor for semiconductor and IC parts


Address: Science & Tech park, Shenzhen,China Shenzhen Guangdong 518000 China