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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   0402CG100J9B200 More     912566 PHI CMC
   0402CG100J9B200 More     234968 AVX
   0402CG100J9B200 More     9998 PHILIPS
   0402CG100J9B200 More     917000 PHI
   0402CG100J9B200 More     13570 YAGEO
   0402CG100J9B200 More     350000 YAGEO

Related Parts of 0402CG100J9B200

Part No. Quantity Suppliers
0402CG100J9B900    19536000 3
0402CG100J9BP00    10210067 5
0402CG101J500NT           2354329 16
0402CG101J9B200          8810670 22
0402CG109C9B200         1059452 9
0402CG110J9B200     601502 3
0402CG120J500NT    1493463 3
0402CG120J9B200       761896 8
0402CG120J9B300   92640 2
0402CG121F9B300    43000 2
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Address: PO BOX 1026 Paradise Pt QLD 4216 Australia

Supplier of products


Address: 1210 se gideon st. portland oregon 97202 United States

electrical distributor

  Venicia International Company

Address: 3rd Floor, Al-Thani Building, C-Ring Road, Umm Ghuwailina Doha 21412 Qatar

GE Distributor and trading for all kinds of lighting fixtures...

  Broadline Components LLC

Address: 1780 102nd Ave N suite 200 St. Pertersburg Florida 33716 United States

Broadline Components carries, and has access to, an inventory of over 60,000,000 line items, in all- totaling 300 billion electronic components from more than 3600 vendors. Check the list below to see if our line card includes the Manufacturer or Vendor you are looking for.


Address: 4527 Losee Rd Las Vegas NV 89081 United States

Electrical distributor, Wire & Cable