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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   0201X5R0J104K More     2700 TDK CORP Stock

Address: 27142 Burbank Foothill Ranch, California, United States 92610
Contact: Don   Baker,  Phone: 949-472-9050 , Fax: 949-454-9252

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
0201X5R1E102KT    1020032 3
0201X681K160CT   39999 2
0201X681K250CT   139999 3
0201X681K500CT   69999 3
0201X681M160CT   39999 2
0201X681M250CT   39999 2
0201X681M500CT   39999 2
0201X682K100CT   139999 3
0201X682M100CT   39999 2
0201X683K6R3CT   69999 4
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