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   015463814 More     416 MOLEX 26 PC TRAY MIN
dan-mar components

Address: 150 west industry ct deer park, new york, United States 11729
Contact: Dan   martin,  Phone: 631-242-8877 , Fax: 631-242-7010

   015-46-3814 More     200 NCR OUR STOCK

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015473144   1108 2
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0154.750DR         296400 28
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Address: 950 Martin Street Ojai CA 93023 United States

Hitachi 500V 5,600F Computer & Laser Grade Capacitor Item condition: New These capacitors have perfect characteristics, compact design, high quality & great reliability to be good for both high-tech and industry applications. For example: medical & industrial laser discharge capacitors, various power supplies, high end audio, etc. DESCRIPTION: ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR, MANUFACTURER: HITACHI AIC Inc. Made in JAPAN METAL CAN with STUD, SCREW TERMINALS Capacitor with two terminal screws supplied. NO NUTS for stud available, sorry All capacitors are new, never used, in manufacturer’s packing. TABLE I. SPECIFICATIONS From Hitachi: 1 Operating Temperature Range -10….+85oC 2 Rated Voltage 500 VDC 3 Capacitance 5,600 μF 4 Capacitance Tolerance ±20% @ 120 Hz, 20oC 5 tan δ (Dissipation Factor) 0.70 @ 120 Hz, 20oC 6 Surge Voltage 550 VDC 7 Max.Leakage Current 7 mA 8 Max. Permissible Ripple Current* 13.7 Arms @ 120Hz,40oC 9 Withstand Voltage (between terminals bundled and sleeve) 2,000 VAC 1 minute 10 High temperature Loading Application of permissible ripple current to the capacitors for 2,000 hours at the ambient temperature of 85oC with a maximum voltage so that the sum of a peak of DC and AC voltages becomes equivalent of the rated voltage. These shall be kept for 12 to 24 hours under standard condition(comply with JIS-C-5102) and shall be satisfied with the conditions** 11 High Temperature Storage (Steady State) After storage of 500 hours at 85 oC with out voltage applied, rated voltage is applied for one hour through a 1kΩ resistor at 20 oC then stabilized for 12 to 24 hours. After completion of this electrical measurement is made. Capacitor characteristics shall be satisfied with the conditions** 12 Surge Voltage The surge voltage is applied for 1,000 cycles at 85 of 30 ±5 seconds at voltage through a 1kΩ series resistor for a period of 6 ±0.5 minutes. These shall be kept for 12 to 24 hours under standard condition and shall be satisfied with the conditions** 13 Others The other electrical and mechanical characteristics. JIS-C-5101-4 correspondingly to apply. * Permissible ripple current applied is being calculated for conversion, using the Table 2 below. Capacitors shall be used within 60A from restriction on M5 terminals temperature. TABLE II. Ripple Current Multiplying Factor Frequency (Hz) Temperature (oC) 50/60 120 300 1K 10K 40 60 70 85 0.7 1.0 1.1 1.3 1.4 1.00 0.75 0.62 0.37 ** TABLE III. Conditions Leakage Current: No more than initial value specified Capacitance Change ±15% of initial value measured Dissipation Factor No more than 175% of initial value specified Appearance No notable change to be found PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS (for illustrative goals only) CAN: 155 mm Length; 77 mm Diameter. STUD: M12 x 16 mm SCREWS: M5 x 10 mm

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