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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   002XM101A More     200

Address: 6401 congress ave # 100 boca raton, florida, United States 33487
Contact: Michael   Woodcock,  Phone: 5619889875 , Fax: 5618920812

   00300012 More     494 In stock ships today
   0030 More     5271 LEDTRONICS
   003-00-00P More     200
   0030 More     389 CRAMERCOIL NEW IN-STOCK

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
003-00     4566 20
00300052    1807 2
0030-01   90 2
003.001.002   3 2
0030010862   100 3
00300-2   120 2
00300200P    68875 4
00300210H     32289 5
00300210N       670272 14
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Address: PO Box 3053 Crestline CA 92325 United States


  HK dazelong electronic co.,ltd

Address: 1910 worldbuilding baoan south rd shenzhen GD 518000 China

HK DAZELONG electronic CO.,LTD are engaging in tantalum capacitors, military capacitors, capacitors, diode&transistor, high frequency transistor and IC(STK YPPD 4921QP 2300KC 6871Q IGBT SI SVI RSN PMM HYB CAN SPI IPM PIM GTR TO-3P TO-247 TO-220 IC (LCD TV PDP TV AND LED TV Y X Z module, Y_sus board X_sus board Z_sus board Buffer, Standard Recovery Diode Module,Fast Recovery Diode Module,Phase Control Thyristor Module,Triac Thyristor Module,Fast Thyristor Module,High Frequency Thyristor Bridge Rectifier Power Modules, Schottky Module,Super Fast Recovery Diode Module, Welding Machine Module,Solid State Relay Solid State Voltage Regulator Heat Sink Material),etc. Our product resource comes from global famous manufacturers, such as IR SANYO SANKEN VISHAY WESTCODE FUJI SIEMENS SEMIKRON EUPEC ABB DYNEX MITSUBISHI SHINDENGEN Nihon Inte POWERSEM IXYS SanRex CATELEC HITACHI SANSHA KEC NS ATMEL AOS AMS OKI MOT LGIT NS HARRIS BB AD KEMET AVX PANASONIC MURATA TDK NEC ROHM TOSHIBA INFINEON FAIRICHILD ST ON ATC NIPPON TAIYO etc. Advantages: A. Free samples supplied B. Conmpectitive price C. Original sealed packing D. You reserve the right to retrun or exchange if parts found defective or used�� E. Variety of payment:PAYPAL Western Union HSBC BANK 1S: Save shipping cost 2S: Safe order 3S: Secure payment 4S: Sell to China (Provide free LCD TV PDP TV and LED TV full set of service material) SENSOR 655NM 700NM LED HBCS-1100 HBCS-1150 HBCC-1570 HBCC-1580 HBCC-1590 HEDS-1300 HEDS-1500 HEDS-1570 HEDS-1580 QEDS-1580 QEDS-1397 QEDS-1099 Three-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator 78L05 78L06 78L07 78L08 78L09 78L10 78L12 78L13 78L15 78L18 78L20 78L24 79L05 79L06 79L07 79L08 79L09 79L10 79L12 79L13 79L15 79L18 79L20 79L24 KIA78L05F KIA78L06F KIA78L07F KIA78L08F KIA78L09F KIA78L10F KIA78L12F KIA78L13F KIA78L15F KIA78L18F KIA78L20F KIA78L24F KIA79L05F KIA79L06F KIA79L07F KIA79L08F KIA79L09F KIA79L10F KIA79L12F KIA79L13F KIA79L15F KIA79L18F KIA79L20F KIA79L24F UPC78L05T UPC78L06T UPC78L07T UPC78L08T UPC78L10T UPC78L12T UPC78L15T FH78L05 FH78L06 FH78L07 FH78L08 FH78L09 FH78L10 FH78L12 FH78L13 FH78L15 FH78L18 FH78L20 FH78L24 FH79L05 FH79L06 FH79L07 FH79L08 FH79L09 FH79L10 FH79L12 FH79L13 FH79L15 FH79L18 FH79L20 FH79L24 TA78L05F TA78L06F TA78L08F TA78L09F TA78L10F TA78L12F TA78L15F TA78L18F TA78L20F TA78L24F TA79L05F TA79L06F TA79L08F TA79L09F TA79L10F TA79L12F TA79L15F TA79L18F TA79L20F TA79L24F L78L05ACUTR L78L06ACUTR L78L08ACUTR L78L09 ACUTR L78L10ACUTR L78L12ACUTR L78L15ACUTR L78L18ACUTR L78L20ACUTR L78L24ACUTR L79L05ACUTR L79L06ACUTR L79L08ACUTR L79L09 ACUTR L79L10ACUTR L79L12ACUTR L79L15ACUTR L79L18ACUTR L79L20ACUTR L79L24ACUTR KA78L05AM KA78L08AM KA78L12AM KA79L05AM KA79L08AM KA79L12AM UA78L05CAPK UA78L06CAPK UA78L08CAPK UA78L09CAPK UA78L10CAPK UA78L12CAPK UA78L15CAPK AMS1117-1.2V AMS1117-1.8V AMS1117-2.5V AMS1117-3.3V AMS1117-5.0 L78L05CV L78L08CV L78L12CV LM78M05CDT MB6S MB8S MB10S MB6M MB8M MB10M M4 M7 DB107 RS1M SS14 THYRISTORS UNIDIRECTIONAL AND BIDIRECTIONAL SCR BT131-600 MCR100-8A BT134W-500 BT134W-600 BT134W-800 BTA08-600 BTA10-600 BTA12-600 BTA12-800 BTA16-400 BTA16-600 BTA16-800 BTA24-800 BTA24-1000 BTA25-1200 BTA26-800 BTA26-1000 BTA26-1200 BTA40-800 BTA40-1000 BTA40-1200 BTA41-800 BTA41-1000 BTA41-1200 BTA50-800 BTA50-1000 BTA50-1200 BTA60-800 BTA60-1000 BTA60-1200 BTA80-800 BTA80-1000 BTA80-1200 BTA99-800 BTA99-1000 BTA99-1200 BTA100-1000 BTA100-1200 BTA41-1200 MOSFET MOS DIODES IRFP044 IRFP048 IRFP50 IRFP054 IRFP064 IRFP150 IRFP240 IRFP250 IRFP254 IRFP260 IRFP350 IRFP360 IRFP460 IRFP9240 IRFP4668 IRFP2907 IRFP440 IRFP3710 IRFP3077 IRFP264 D92-02 IRFP244 IRFP140 IRFP4232 IRFPS37N50A ESAD92-02 IRFP3206PBF IRFP32N50KPBF IRFP3306PBF IRFP4004PBF IRFP4227PBF IRFP4229PBF IRFP4242PBF IRFP4310ZPBF IRFP4321PBF IRFP4332PBF IRFP4410ZPBF IRFP4468PBF IRFP4568PBF IRFP4710PBF IRFP90N20DPBF IRFPC50PBF IRFP4110PBF IRFP4768PBF 13001 13003 13005 13007 13009 MJE13009 IC DMD DLP PROJECTOR REPAIR CHIP SN755866 SN755870 SN755867 SN755881 SN755864 SN755882 AS15-F AS15-G AS19-H1G AS19F FE3407F 3407F 88N30W 20N60C3 BD9897FS FDD8447L TM0815 TM0917 TM0918 TM1017 TMS91365CT TMS91904CT TMS92515CT TMS92903CT TMS92920CT TMS92976CT TMS94207CT QGAH02101 TMS94481CT TMS94819CT TMS91429 LM18200DT ATMEL852-25160N MS2V-T1S MRF157 MRF1570 MRF317 MRF455 MRF255 MRF151G S1076-7402 S1076-7408 P1076-7292 S1076-6008 S1076-6009 S1076-7292 S8548-5007 X1076-7292 X1076-8282 1076-6038B 1076-6039B 1076-6318W 1076-6319W 1910-6103W 1910-9403 S8060-6408 S8060-6402 1280-6028 S8060-6039B S1076-7298 S8460-0071B S1076-7013D 1280-6029 T2272-L4/M4/M6 PT2399 PT2258 TEA2025 KA2206B KA2284 74HC164 74HC595 ULN2003 TL494 NE555 LM324 LM358 LM393 LM339 LM386 TDA2822 MC34063 MC34119 UC3842 UC3843 UC3845 KA7500 TA2111N/F JRC4558 CD2003 AT9256 TC9256 AT1923 AT1924 BU1924 AT6579 SAA6579 BU1923 TDA7478 AT9257 TC9257 AT7315 TDA7315 PT2315 AT6578 PT6578 AT24C32 PT2313L PT2314 HT1621B HT6222 PT8211 CD9088 CD1191 AT24C01 AT24C02 AT24C04 AT24C08 AT24C16 AT93C46 AT6588 SAA6588 AT7313 TDA7313 PT2313 AT7314 PT7314 AT7312 SC7312 PT2312 S9012 S9015 S9018 A92 A42 S8550 B722 B882 BD135 BD136 BT134 2SD882 BT136 D880Y A940 C2073 TDA2030 2SB772 TL431 2N5401 2N5551 2N3904 2N3906 SS8550 SS8050 M28S 2SC2383 KSP13 2SA1030 MB6S MB8S MB10S AMS1117 LM317 1N60 2N60 4N60 24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 93C46 93C56 74HC164 TDA2025 MCZ3001 IGBT IPM PIM GTR EDS700 GA100TS60U 7MBR100U4B120 2MBI150SC-120-03 2MI50F-050 1M240S-050B CM1200HB-66H CM600HU-24F CM200DY-12H CM200DY-12E CM100DU12H CM150DU12H CM200DU12H CM400DY-24A CM300DY1-24NF QM200DY-H QM300HA-H MG1200FXF1US53 MG400Q1US11 MG100J2YS50 MG50Q2YS40 SKM111RZR SKKH560/16E SKIIP613GB123CT SKIIP39ANB16V1 SKIIP38AC12T4V1 SKIIP11NAB126V1 SKM400GA173D1S SKM75GB123D SKM100GB123D SKM100GB063D SKM145GB066D SKM100GB128D SKM150GB128D SKKH92/16E FF200R33KF2C FF200R12KE3 FZ800R16KF4 FM600TU-07A PP20012HS PP10012HS BGY133 DF100AA160 R1446NS12E MDD172-16 DSEP2X101-04A V048F480T006 P083A09 M57704M PA85 VI-B63-05 VI-263-30 WG5020F QRD1220T30 MRA0610-9 MRA0610-18 KK40F120 SA520452-02 ETN85-050 2DI150D-050 MBF200 V048F480T006 STPS12045TV IP-HAMD-CM-02 SD1407 BGY116D ON4402H VUB60-12NO1‏ VP1190AA60 NF-G6150-N-A2 RSN311W64 BSM50GB60DLC BSM75GB60DLC BSM100GB60DLC BSM150GB60DLC BSM50GB120DLC BSM75GB120DLC BSM100GB120DLCK BSM50GB120DN2 BSM75GB120DN2 BSM100GB120DN2K BSM50GAL120DN2 BSM75GAL120DN2 BSM100GAL120DN2 BSM100GAL120DLCK BSM75GAR120DN2 PS21225-A IM13400 P001SA-B SP002SA-R2 SP002SA-A3 PS21564-P PS21246-E PS21562-CP PS21963-CET2 PS21964-CTV PS21964-TV PS22056 PS22052 PS22053 PS21246-E PS21562-CP PS20341-BNP PS21202-B PS21205-A PS11034 PS11035-1 SKKT55/06 DSEI2X121-02A SKKT13/12D MTT46A09Ff MTT45A12Fm PAH308 6G30 MG75J2YS1 MG20Q6EK1 MJ100BE55 SKD30/08A SKKT26/12D 6DI30B-050 VI-910102 VI-910085 VI-910084 VI-910253 VI-202-CX IP-263-CX IP-261-CX IP-260-CU IP-26Y-CU IP-B60-CU VI-260-CW VI-26Z-CU VI-26Y-CU VI-261-CW RA03H4452M RA30H4047M RA07M4047M RA07H3340M RA07H1317M RA07M4452M RA30H1317M RA13H4047M RA13H4452M RA13H3340M RA13H4452M RA13H3340M RA35H1516M RA13H1317M RA07H4452M RA60H1317M RA30H4452M RA30H3340M RA08H1317M RA13H8891MA RA18H1213G RA45H4452M RA45H4047M RA07H4452M RA07N4047M RA07N4452M RA07N3340M RA03M8087M IRAM136-025SB IRAM136-0760A2 IRAM136-1060A IRAM136-1060BS IRAM136-1061A2 IRAMS10UP60A IRAMS10UP60B IRAMS10UP60C IRAMX16UP60A IRAMX16UP60B IRAMX20UP60A IRAMX20UP60B IRAMY20UP60A IRDAK0705169 IRDAK0726350 IREBM98-0292 IREBM98-029A IREBM980308A PH2001 PH2002 PH2003 PH2004 PH2101 PH2102 PH2111 PH2112 PH2201N PH2203F PH2311 PH2312 PH41 PH42 PH44 PH45 PH46 PH47 PH48 PH49 PMM2301 PMM3101 PMM3501 PMM5301 PMM5302 PMM5303 PMM5304B PMM5305 PMM5306 PMM5310 PMM5320 PMM5330 PS11016 PS11017 PS11023-A PS11025-A PS11034 PS11036 PS11037 PS11043 PS11044 PS12013 PS12015 PS12018 PS12033 PS20351 PS21101 PS21202 PS21204 PS21205 PS21212 PS21225 PS21243 PS21244 PS21245 PS21246 PS21254 PS21255 PS21265 PS21267 PS21341 PS21342 PS21352 PS21353 PS21444 PS21561 PS21562 PS21563 PS21564 PS21661 PS21865 PS21867 PS21869 PS21963 PS21964 PS59055 PS59056 PS59060 PS59068 PS59076 PS60027 S-AU11 S-AU12 S-AU17 S-AU21 S-AU25 S-AU27 S-AU31 S-AU33 S-AU39 S-AU4 S-AU5M S-AU64 S-AU68M S-AU6M S-AU9 S-AV10 S-AV16H S-AV17 S-AV21 S-AV24 S-AV28 S-AV29H S-AV35 S-AV5 S-AV6 S-AV7 S-AV8 HIGH POWER VALVE AUDIO DUAD DIODES 2SC5200/2SA1943 2SC3280/2SA1301 2SC3280/2SA1302 2SC5198/2SA1941 2SD1047/2SB817 2SD718/2SB688 2SD998/2SB778 2SA1386/2SC3519 2SC4468/2SA1695 2SC4467/2SA1694 2SC4466/2SA1693 TIP41C/TIP42C 2SC2073/2SA940 2SD669/2SB649 MJ15024/15025 A1186/C2837 A1215/C2921 A1216/C2922 A1264/C3181 A1264/C3181 A1301/C3280 A1386/C3519 A1491/C3855 A1491/C3855 A1494/C3858 A1516/C3907 A1633/C4278 A1693/C4466 A1693/C4466 A1695/C4468 KSA1695/KSC4468 A1939/C5196 A1940/C5197 A1941/C5198 A1943/C5200 A1962/C5242 B688/D718 B817/D1047 K413/J118 K1058/J162 K1529/J200 K1530/J201 MJ2955/2N3055 SAP15N/SAP15P GT20D101/GT20D201 K135/J50 K176/J56 MJ15003/15004 MJ11032/MJ11033 A1303/C3284 K134/J49 TIP35C/TIP36C A1294/C3263 A1302/C3281 A2151/C6011 KTB688/D718 KTB688/D718 B1383/D2083 B1383/D2083 MJE4343/MJE4353 MJ11015/MJ11016 MJ11015/MJ11016 MJ11015/MJ11016 SAPM01N/SAPM01P STD03N/STD03P MLE20/MJD20 MJL21193/MJL21194 B1647/D2560 B1647/D2560 B1647/D2560 NJW0302/NJW0281 NJW1302/NJW3281 NJW21193G/NJW21194G MJW1302/MJW3281 MJL0302/MJL0281 MJL1302A/MJL3281A MJL1302A/MJL3281A NJL0302DG/NJL0281DG NJL0302DG/NJL0281DG NJL4302D/NJL4281D A2120/C5948 A2121/C5949 A1986/C5358 MJ15015/15016 MJ21195/MJ21196 2N3773 MJE15030/15031 K2013/J313 K214/J77 K216/J79 A1358/C3421 A1360/C3423 A1837/C4793 A1837/C4793 A1930/C5171 A1964/C5248 A940/C2073 B649/D669 MJE340/MJE350 KTA1700/KTC2800 A1668/C4382 MJE172/MJE182 MJE172/MJE182 MJE15034/MJE15035 K213J76 MJE243/MJE253 K170/J74 K246/J103 A992/C1845 A992/C1845 A1145/C2705 A1175/C2785 A1175/C2785 A970/C2240 B647/D667 B716/D756 B1185/D1762 BC550/BC560 A1208/C2910 HIGH VOLTAGE SCHOTTKY BARRIER RECTIFIER MBR1640 MBR1645 MBR2040 MBR2045 MBR2060 MBR1070 MBR1080 MBR1090 MBR10100 MBR10150 MBR10200 MBR20100 MBR20150 MBR20200 MBR1045 MBR1065 MBR2045 MBRP30045CT MBRP400200CT MURP30060CT MURP200100CT MURP20020CT MURP20040CT MBRP300100CT MBRP300200CT MBRP400100CT 2SK2805 2SK2704 2SK2702 2SK2701 2SK2803 2SK1179 2SK3199 2SK2710A 2SK2709 2SK2707 2SK2848 2SK2945 2SK2943 16A*200V 16A*400V 16A*600V 20A*200V 20A*400V 20A*600V 30A*200V 30A*400V 30A*600V Common cathode common anode double(DUAL FAST RECOVERY POWER RECTIFIERS) MUR1020 MUR1220 MUR1620 MUR1640 MUR1660 MUR2020 MUR2040 MUR2060 MUR3020 MUR3040 MUR3060 F16C20 F16A20 F16C40 F16A40 F16C60 F16A60 STTH1602 STTH1604 STTH1606 STPR1620 STPR1640 STPR1660 BYV32-200 BYV32-400 BYV32-600 BYW51-200 BYW51-400 BYW51-600 DSEK60-02A FFA20U60DN FFA30U60DN FFP10U60DN FFPF10U20DN HGTG11N120CND FEP16DT FEP16GT FEP16JT STPR1620CT STPR1640CT STPR1660CT U20C20C U20D20C U30D40C BYT79-600 BYC15-600 BYQ30E-200 BYV32E-200 BYV72EW-200 ER1602FCT ER1604FCT ER1606FCT MP2-202S FMU-32U ESAD92-03 ESAD92-02 LED TV AND LCD TV 3D-TV MODULE Y X Z driver and AUDIO Module YPPD-J001A YPPD-J002A YPPD-J004B YPPD-J006A YPPD-J006C YPPD-J007A YPPD-J007C YPPD-J009A YPPD-J009C YPPD-J010A YPPD-J010C YPPD-J011A YPPD-J011C YPPD-J012A YPPD-J013A YPPD-J014A YPPD-J014B YPPD-J014C YPPD-J015A YPPD-J015B YPPD-J015C YPPD-J015E YPPD-J016A YPPD-J016B YPPD-J016C YPPD-J016E YPPD-J017A YPPD-J017C YPPD-J018C YPPD-J018E YPPD-J018F YPPD-J020B YPPD-J022A YPPD-J023A YPPD-J026A YPPD-J027A 2300KC2002B 2300KC2002C 2300KCK003A 2300KCK003C 2300KCK003D 2300KCK004A 2300KCK004C 2300KCK004D 2300KCK005B 2300KCF006A 2300KCK006B 2300KCK006C 2300KCF007A 2300KCF010A-F 2300KCF009A-F 2300KFA099B 2300KFA107B 4921QP1001B 4921QP1002B 4921QP1007A 4921QP1009A 4921QP1009B 4921QP1017A 4921QP1018A 4921QP1021A 4921QP1022B 4921QP1023A 4921QP1024A 4921QP1027A 4921QP1027P 4921QP1027Q 4921QP1028A 4921QP1028P 4921QP1028Q 4921QP1029B 4921QP1029P 4921QP1030A 4921QP1031A 4921QP1033A 4921QP1033C 4921QP1036 4921QP1036A 4921QP1037A 4921QP1038A 4921QP1038C 4921QP1038C-R 4921QP1041A 4921QP1041B 4921QP1041B-H 4921QP1043B 4921QP1043C 4921QP1044A 4921QP1045A 4921QP1046A 4921QP1047A 4921QP1048A 4921QP1049A 4921QP1050B 4921QP1052 4921QP1053 4921QP1308C-R SPI-42X39090 SPI-50X3E90-2 SPI-50X4240 SPI-50X3S240-2 SPI-50X3E120 STK0025 STK0029 STK0030 STK0039 STK0040 STK0049 STK0050 STK0059 STK0060 STK0070 STK0080 STK0040II STK0050II STK0060II STK0070II STK0080II STK0100II STK075 STK077 STK078 STK080 STK082 STK082-105 STK084 STK086 STK075G STK077G STK078G STK080G STK082G STK084G STK086G STK1040 STK1045 STK1049 STK1050 STK1059 STK1060 STK1050II STK1060II STK1070II STK1080II STK2028 STK2038 STK2038II STK2048II STK2068II STK2025 STK2029 STK2030 STK2040 STK2050 STK2135 STK2139 STK2145 STK2155 STK2125 STK2129 STK2230 STK2240 STK2250 STK2260 STK4024 STK4026 STK4028 STK4030 STK4032 STK4034 STK4036 STK4040 STK4024II STK4026II STK4028II STK4030II STK4032II STK4036II STK4038II STK4040II STK4046II STK4048II STK4050II STK4028X STK4030X STK4032X STK4034X STK4036X STK4038X STK4040X STK401-041 STK401-051 STK401-010 STK401-020 STK401-030 STK401-040 STK401-050 STK401-060 STK401-070 STK401-080 STK401-090 STK401-100 STK401-110 STK401-120 STK401-130 STK401-140 STK401-210 STK401-220 STK401-230 STK401-240 STK401-250 STK401-260 STK401-270 STK401-280 STK401-290 STK401-300 STK401-310 STK401-320 STK401-330 STK401-340 STK4102II STK4112II STK4122II STK4132II STK4111II STK4121II STK4131II STK4141II STK4101II STK4142II STK4152II STK4162II STK4172II STK4182II STK4192II STK4151II STK4161II STK4171II STK4181II STK4191II STK4101V STK4111V STK4121V STK4131V STK4141V STK4151V STK4161V STK4171V STK4181V STK4191V STK4301 STK4311 STK4332 STK4342 STK4352 STK4362 STK4372 STK4382 STK4392 STK4402 STK4412 STK4432 STK4201II STK4211II STK4231II STK4241II STK4221II STK433 STK435 STK436 STK437 STK439 STK441 STK443 STK441-105 STK460 STK461 STK463 STK465 STK457 STK459 STK4803 STK4833 STK4843 STK4853 STK4893 STK4913 STK4024V STK4026V STK4028V STK4030V STK4032V STK4034V STK4036V STK4038V STK4040V STK4026X STK4028X STK4032X STK4034X STK4038X STK4040X STK4042V STK4044V STK4046V STK4048V STK4050V STK4024XI STK4026XI STK4028XI STK4030XI STK4032XI STK4034XI STK4036XI STK4038XI STK4040XI STK4042XI STK4044XI STK4044II STK4042X STK4044X STK4046XI STK4048XI STK4050XI STK4046X STK4048X STK4121X STK4131X STK4151X STK4161X STK4171X STK4181X STK4191X STK4201X STK4211X STK4176X STK4186X STK4196X STK4206X STK4216X STK4201V STK4211V STK4221V STK4231V STK4241V STK405-010 STK405-030 STK405-050 STK405-070 STK405-090 STK405-100 STK405-110 STK405-120 STK405-010A STK405-030A STK405-050A STK405-070A STK405-090A STK405-100A STK405-110A STK405-120A STK400-010 STK400-020 STK400-030 STK400-040 STK400-050 STK400-060 STK400-070 STK400-090 STK400-290 STK400-490 STK4210MK2 STK4220MK2 STK4230MK2 STK391-020 STK392-010 STK392-020 STK392-040 STK392-110 STK392-120 STK392-130 STK392-150 STK392-180 STK392-560 STK392-570 STK392-550 STK402-020 STK402-030 STK402-040 STK402-050 STK402-070 STK402-071 STK402-071N STK402-070S STK402-090S STK402-090 STK402-100 STK402-120 STK402-120S STK402-220 STK402-230 STK402-240 STK402-250 STK402-270 STK402-920 STK402-930 STK402-940 STK402-950 STK407-020 STK407-030 STK407-040 STK407-040B STK407-040E STK407-050 STK407-050B STK407-050E STK407-070 STK407-070B STK407-070E STK407-090 STK407-090B STK407-090E STK407-100 STK407-110 STK407-110E STK407-120 STK407-120E STK407-220 STK407-230 STK407-230E STK407-240 STK407-240E STK407-250 STK407-270 STK407-290 STK407-290K STK407-710K STK3042III STK3062III STK3082III STK3042IIA STK3062IIA STK3082IIA STK3102III STK3122III STK3152III STK3102IIA STK4042VL STK4044VL STK4046VL STK4159MK2 STK4169MK2 STK4179MK2 STK4189MK2 STK4199MK2 STK4209MK2 STK4219MK2 STK4229MK2 STK4239MK2 STK4210MK2 STK4220MK2 STK4230MK2 STK4278 STK4278L STK4023 STK4025 STK024 STK031 STK032 STK040 STK041 STK043 STK4273 STK4274 STK442-050 STK442-070 STK442-090 STK442-110 STK442-120 STK442-130 STK442-130 STK4601II STK4611II STK4621II STK4631II STK561A STK561F STK563A STK563F STK581F STK583F STK5631C STK5631F STK5633C STK488-010 STK488-020 STK488-050 STK496-070 STK496-230 STK496-240 STK496-250 STK496-270 STK404-050 STK404-070 STK404-090 STK404-100 STK404-120 STK404-130 STK404-140 STK4103II STK4103V STK443-030 STK443-050 STK443-070 STK443-090 STK412-000 STK412-010 STK412-020 STK412-030 STK412-030I STK412-040 STK412-090 STK412-110 STK412-130 STK412-140 STK412-150 STK412-170 STK402-480 STK419-110 STK419-120 STK419-130 STK419-140 STK419-140A STK419-150 STK419-150A STK417-100 STK417-110 STK417-120 STK417-130 STK417-100A STK417-110A STK417-120A STK417-130A STK413-000 STK413-010 STK413-020A STK413-030 STK413-090 STK499-230 STK499-240 STK499-250 STK437-105 STK410-020 STK410-030 STK410-020K STK410-030K STK410-020D STK410-030D STK411-550G STK411-550E STK411-210E STK411-210 STK411-220E STK411-230E STK411-240 STK411-240E STK411-290E STK499-220E STK499-230E STK499-240E STK499-290E STK408-040E STK408-050E STK411-220D STK411-230D STK411-230K STK496-430 STK496-420Y STK730-010 STK730-020 STK730-030 STK730-040 STK730-050 STK730-060 STK730-070 STK730-080 STK730-090 STK730-130 STK730-140 STK730-150 STK73902 STK73903 STK73904 STK73905 STK73906 STK73907 STK73907T STK73908 STK73909 IX1791 IX0689 IX0730 STK7358 STK7359 STK7348 STK73410 STK7308 STK7309 STK7310 STK73408II STK73410II STK8230 STK8240 STK8250 STK393-110 STK402-310 STK402-320 STK402-330 STK402-340 STK402-350 STK402-360 STK402-370 STK392-210 STK392-220 STK392-230 STK795-120B STK795-140 STK795-220 STK795-320 STK795-440 STK795-451 STK795-460 STK795-470 STK795-480 STK795-510 STK795-511 STK795-512A STK795-513 STK795-514 STK795-515 STK795-518 STK795-519C STK795-519C-E STK795-519D STK795-520 STK795-521 STK795-522B STK795-522C STK795-523 STK795-524 STK795-525 STK795-526 STK795-527 STK795-528 STK795-529 STK795-531 STK795-810 STK795-811A STK795-813 STK795-814 STK795-815 STK795-816 STK795-817 STK795-820 STK795-821 STK795-824 STK795-830 STK795-832 STK795-840 STK795-841 STK795-842A STK795-844 STK795-920 STK795-930 STK795-940 STK795-950 AXF1144 AXF1145 LED TV AND LCD TV 3D TV BUFFER BOARD POWER BOARD MAIN BOAR Logic board LJ41-02760A LJ41-02761A LJ92-01202A LJ92-01203A LJ41-05121A LJ41-05122A LJ92-04191A LJ92-04192A LJ41-04218A LJ41-04219A LJ92-01400A LJ92-01401A LJ92-01446A LJ92-01484A LJ41-02059A LJ41-02060A LJ41-03882A LJ41-03883A LJ92-01276C LJ92-01277C LJ41-01968A LJ92-00915A LJ92-00975A LJ41-01193A LJ41-01194A LJ41-03079A LJ41-03080A LJ41-01458A LJ41-01459A LJ92-00732A LJ92-00733A LJ41-01595A LJ92-00993A LJ41-01596A LJ41-02878A LJ41-02879A LJ41-01870A LJ-41-01871A LJ41-04217A(LJ92-01399A) LJ41-05120A(LJ92-01490A) LJ41-05308A(LJ92-01516A) LJ92-01601A��LJ41-05905A�� LJ41-00983A LJ41-00984A LJ44-00057A 6871QYH953A/6871QYH053B 6871QYH039A(6871QYH039B) 6871QZH044A(6871QZH044C) 6871QYH036D 6871QYH045D 6871QZH041B 6871QYH948B 6870QCH003A/6871QCH038A 6871QYH029A/6870QYE008C 6870QZE013 BN96-09534A BN94-01638A BN94-00990A BN94-00749A BN94-00749A BN94-01188F BN96-05018A BN94-01199F BN94-00919L BN94-00919B BN94-01294B BN94-00971C BN94-01724S BN94-01723T BN96-05643A BN96-05644A BN96-05640A BN94-01187F ND60200-0033 ND60200-0034 SVI3101 SVI3102 SVI3103 SVI3104 SVI3105 SVI3106 SVI3201 SVI3202 SVI3203 SVI3204 SVI3205 SVI3206 HIU-811-M HIU-811-S HIU-812-M HIU-812-S HIU-813-M HIU-813-S RSN307M42 RSN307M44 RSN308M22 RSN308M24 RSN309W44 RSN310R36 RSN310R37 RSN311W64 RSN312H24 RSN314H41 RSN315H42 RSN3303 RSN3305 RSN3306 RSN33M5 RSN3502 RSN35H1 RSN35H2 RSN36S5 RSN6000 RSN701H25 RSN704D65 RSN704D66 RSN3403 RSN3404 RSN3502C RSN3502A RSN3502B PAC010A HK DAZELONG ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD EMAIL: TEL: 86-0755-33169368

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