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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   0003092061 More     1500 MOLEX

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
0003092062   10004 2
00-03-0975-10VIAS-172MM   10 2
00-0311   350 2
0003151P   207 2
00-031-619   15000 3
0-0031818-0      42879 6
0-0031819-0      78595 5
000318800    104612 2
0-0031886-0     3107 3
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  Mage Technology Limited

Address: Rm W519 Bldg204 Shangbu Industrial Park Huaqiang Rd. Futian Dist., shenzhen GD 518031 China

A worldwide distributor of electronic components with specialties in hard to find, military, obsolete materials and discontinued electronic components from china . we also can offer all kinds of LCD ,pls contact by PART #:996-0268-08 EL640.480-AM7 CC----11PCS PLANAR SYSTEMS,INC EL640.480-AM1 PART #:996-0268-16 EL640.480-AM8 ET----10PCS EL640.480-AM1 AG,EL640.480-AM1 EL512.256-H3, EL512.256-H3 HPA LJ640U31,LJ64HB34,MD512.256-393. DIGITAL GP-410T TOUCH SCREEN LJ64AU34----2PCS EL640.200-U2,EL640.200-U5 LJ640U21 LJ64H052 N010-0571-V124 01A,FPF8060HRUB-023, PD640G200B M202LD12A 00002649,FUTABA, 50 NL10276BC24-13 TOUCHSCREEN RES 12.1PL8T E188103 LQ10D368,LTE283QV-F01 PA061024B0 NL10276BC12-02,LM64C21P,NL6448AC30-10 LQ121K1LG11,LQ0DAS2182,LB121S(A2),TM121SV-02L01,LT121SS-105 95 LCD,TW2294V-0,G2432 NL8060AC26-11,TM049W13-22L35, PART#:101768-00A,SERIAL#:12317-074 51. MD640.400-52 52. FPF8060HRUK-120,FPF8050HRUH-001, MD400F640PD5 MD400F640PD4 MD400F640PD6 MD400F640PD1 MD400F640PG4 56 LJ64ZU35,LJ64ZU31 57. LB065WQ3-TD02, LB065WQ3 (TD)(02),LB065WQ3-TD-02 58. LJ640U32 59 SP14Q001-X,SP14Q001 DMF-50174,DMF-50840 60 DMF50260NFU-FW-27 29pcs LM64P89 5pcs LM10V335 4pcs NL6448BC33-59 1pcs LQ10D368 LQ10D367 2pcs 1. PART #:996-0268-08 EL640.480-AM7 CC----11PCS PLANAR SYSTEMS,INC EL640.480-AM1 PART #:996-0268-16 EL640.480-AM8 ET----10PCS EL640.480-AM1 AG,EL640.480-AM1 EL512.256-H3, EL512.256-H3 HPA LJ640U31,LJ64HB34,MD512.256-39 17. LQ057Q3DC12 LM057QC1T01,LM057QC1T08 LM213XB LRSDB 7011A NEA01102AD LM32P10,LM32P101,LM32P102, LM32K10,LM32K101,LM32K102, SP14Q002,SP14Q002-A1 LMG6911RPBC-00T,LMG6911RPBC KCS057QV1AJ-G23,KCS057QV1CA,KCS057QV1AA, LM050QC1T01,LM050QC1T03 SX14Q004,SX14Q004-ZZA DMF50174,DMF50174 ZNB-FW-BCN DMF50081N,DMF50081 ZNB-FW-BBN EW32F00BCW 18 SP14N001, SP14N002, SP14N003 LMG7412PLFF LMG7400PLFC LMG7401PLBC LMG7410PLFC LMG7420PLFC-X LMG7421PLBC 19. EL4836HB-ICE COATE,EL4836,EL4836 HB,EL4836HB,EL4836-HB LJ640U25,LJ640U21 20 EG9013F-NZ-1,9534DM6 0321 EPSON JAPAN 5G180 21. MODEL SPD-611TP,SPD-610/611 SERIAL NO. 9509003 DC 24,5V SEEK ENGINEERING CORP. MADE IN JAPAN SANOH 0200-086-011B FD-TFT2-A TKK-5 81018I FD-TFT2 81011D NL6448AC30-10 COLIN 7000Colin CBM-7000 COLIN7000 ʾ,LCD,EL PANEL 22. NL6448AC30-10 LM24P20,6402H1-0B,6402H1-OB,G649D LJ512U05,MADE IN JAPAN LJ512U05 D SHARP G2G V 23 LM64P11 WG320240C-FMC VZ8C 320240CA REV.B PLOECH E169497 NL8060AC26-11 LB121S1(A2) 24 HT15X22-100 PL-550-0A HT15X22-101 1PCS FIT LCD MODULE:17 TABLET LCD SENSOR BD:PL-700 SENSOR BOARD HITACHI P/N:TXCAC PL-700S-PVT 6PCS 2JFP00012 25 DMF651 16PCS DMF651 ANBU-FW-11 W5z12 Y21120300101 Y2II20300I0I 4PCS EPSON P300019501 ECM-A0283 9604B46 ecm-a0283 8930D4 4PCS 26 LQ10PX22 5PCS LT121SS-105 1PCS LSUGC2111A 1PCS LSUGC2022A 3PCS LSUGC2131A 1PCS HLM6689-110100 3PCS HLM6689-012211 99K00005A LM32004 1PCS LJ640U31 2PCS PG640400RA4 QDA-10191 QDA-I0I9I 1PCS MD400F720PD1 1PCS LM64C21P 1PCS 27 LB065WQ3(TD)(02),LB065WQ3-TD-02,LB065WQ3,LB065WQ3-TD01 LB065WQ3 (TD)(02) DMF50081,DMF50081N,DMF50081-ZNB-FW,DMF50081-NB-FW,DMF50081-NF-FW,DMF50081NBFW LMG6024XUFE 2PCS LMG6022XUFE 1PCS LMG6021XUFE 1PCS LM758CXAGN 1PCS LM8V302,LM8V302R,LM8V302H,LM8V302,LM8V302R,LM8V302H,LM8V301,LM8V30,LM8V31,LM8V32 TM32064AD P-1,TM32064ADP-1,TM32064AD,TM32064ADP,TIMA IN CHINA, 1SMPC4346 TM32064AD P-1 LSUGB6321A ,GP570-BG11-24V LQ9GE03 NEW 7PCS 1-810-0380-12 SHARP EL8358MHR2 996-0091-02 ECA P/N:944-0026 LM64C201 SX19V004-ZZA SX19V004 KCS077VG2EA-G03-23-15 KCS077VG2EA-G03 KCS077VG2EA-G01 KCS6448CSTT-X1-7Z-08 KCS6448CSTT-X1 KCS6448CSTT KCB6448BSTT-X1-01..25 KCB6448BSTT-X1 LM12S49 LMG5268XUFC-W DMF-50584NFU-FW LM64P807 LM64P805 LM64P838 LM64P837 LM64P829 LM64P80 LM64P815 N1DE-06VDN-HLK,N1DE-06UDN-HLK,2351059-0A,OMRON, NIDE-06VDN-HLK,NIDE-06UDN-HLK,2351O59-OA,OMRON, LJ640U35 ZR320240B,(EW32F10BCW) A851GOT-SBD A8GT-70GOT-TB NEC 15inch NL10276AC28-05R NL10276AC30-04 TOSHIBA 15inch LTM15C429 HSD150MX12 HSD150MX41 M150X3-T05 SHARP 14INCH LQ14X03E LQ14X042 SHARP 13INCH LQ133X1TH71 LQ133X1TS70 SHARP 12INCH LQ121S1DG11 LQ121S1DG31 MIT 12 INCH AA121XH01 LTD121GA0S LTD121GA0D AA121XH03 NEC 12inch NL8060BC31-27 NL8060BC31-32 NL8060BC31-01 toshiba 12inch LTD121C31T LTD121C33S LTD121C30S LG 12inch LB121S02 LQ121S1DG11 sharp10inch LQ104V1LG11 LQ104V1LG21 sharp 10inch LQ10D421 LQ10D41 LP104V2 toshiba 10inch LTM10C201 LTM10C210 toshiba 10inch LTD104C11U LTD104C11SLTD104C11Z toshiba 10inch LTA104D185F LTA104D182F tochiba 08inch LTA084C274F LTA084C270F sharp 10inch LQ10D367 LQ10D368 NEC10inch NL6448BC33-46 NL6448BC33-31 AUO12inch G121SNO1 LTM12C285 NL10276BC24-13 LTM121SI-T01 NEC10inch NL6448AC30-06 NL6448AC30-10 NL6448AC30-12 NEC10inch NL6448BC33-13 NL6448BC33-19 NL6448BC33-20 NL6448BC33-21 NL6448AC33-21 NEC10inch NL8060BC26-04 NL8060BC26-08 NL8060BC26-10 NL8060BC26-12 MIT 10inch AA104VC04 AA104VC02AA104VC01 AA104SG01 HY10inch HV104X01-100 LQ104S1DG31 G104SN03 LG10.4inch LC104S1 LP104S5 LTD104EA5R LTM10C327 LTM10C321 LTM10C313 SAMSUNG12inch LTN121XU-L01 LTN121X1-L02 LTN121XF-L01 LP121X1 LP121X04 LTN141AT11 LTN141AT07 LTN133AT17 LP133WH1 TOSHIBA 14inch LTM14C421 LTM14C421F LQ14F1LW64 8.9inch KCG089HV1AA-G00-63-05-5 ,KCG089HV1AA-G00,KCG089HV1AA CASIO CMD521TT00-C1 LTM08C343 /LTM084P363 NL1027BC24-04 /NL8060BC26-14 /NL6448AC33-24 /NL6448AC33-18 /NL6448BC33-31 /HLD1206-010620 LM12S48 /LM12S471 /LTM09C015K /LM80C031X /LM64C031 /LTM121SST53 LQ12X03 /LQ12X43 /LQ12S11 /LQ121S1DG21 LJ512U327,LJ512U32,LJ512U27,LJ51AU327,LJ51AU32,LJ51AU27 LM7MS623, LM7MS623 A, LM7MS623 B 81 DMF50036,DMF50036 ZNBU-FW-BAN-V384C,DMF50036 ZNFU-FW,DMF50036 NB-FW-7 LJ320U21,S-9591B KCS057QV1AD-G23 LRHBL6062A M606-L0A,M606-L0S.NYL061B5G,LCBFBT606W1LS LM32015T PTC-870IMF LCD (EL640.480-AM8 ET) DMF-50773NF-FW-ACE,DMF-50773,DMF-50773NF,DMF-50773NF-SLY,DMF-50773NF-FW, DMF-50773NB-FW-ACE,DMF-50773,DMF-50773NBDMF-50773NB-SLY,DMF-50773NB-FW DMF 50773NF SLY AKN,DMF-50773NF-SLY-AKN DMF50773NFSLYAKN DMF 50036ZNBU FW BAN DMF50036ZNBUFWBAN DMF 50036ZNFU FW BAN DMF50036ZNFUFWBAN PC322-0415,05464ASSY36431-21E,05464-36430-01,IEE LM64P10(EW50690NCWU) 80 A960GOT-EBA,A96OGOT-EBA LJ320U21, LSSBJ3022A,MDK311V-0,MDK3IIV-O,NEA01099AA,EFDK0025ZA LM24P20,LM24020Z,N0138CH-1, EL640.400-C3 NRD,NAD,EL640.400-C3, LJ640U30 LMBFAN450SK,D15030A1X,M450-GA, 615-482-4100,E274-SFHBC KCB104SV2AA-A53, KCB104SV2AA-A53-96-13 KCB104SV2AA-A41 MB61AL25A LCBFBTB61M25 NYL061H2-3421A0401 QUALCOMM#:CV90-52467-1 REV- SHARP#:LM32K072Q,LM32K072,LM32K0720,LM32K072O LM32K072,LM32K072Q,LM32K0720,LM32K072O TCG075VG2AC-G00 PL46.5E27 3m TOUCH SCREEN SCN-AT-FLT10.4-001-0H1 ELO TOUCH PANEL LM320131 NTX0100-3001R NL6448BC33-63D LTM10C273 LJ640U30 dmf-50840 lq10d368,lq10d367 DMF-50260,DMF50260 LM24P20,LM24020Z LTM08C351 NL6448BC26-01 NL6448BC33-59 NL6448BC33-59 -46 NL6448BC33-59 -31 NL6448AC33-27 NL6448AC33-24 NL6448AC33-27 NL6448AC33-18 NL6448AC33 -29 NL8060BC31-17 NL8060BC31-27 NL8060BC31-32 NL8060BC31-20 NL8060BC31 -27D NL8060BC31-28E NL8060BC31- -41 NL8060BC31-01 NL8060BC31-02 NL8060BC31-09 G084SN03 V0 B084SN03 B084SN0301 G084SN05 V5 PD064VT2 PD064VT5 V16C6448AC LQ121S1DG41 LQ121S1LG41 LQ121S1DG21 LQ121S1DG31 LQ121S1DG11 LTM121SI-T01 LTD121C32F LTD121C33S LTD121C34S LTD121C31S LTD121C30S LTD121C30U LTA121B860F TM121SV-02L01 NL6448AC30-12 G649DX1R010 ,G649DX5B010 ,G649DX5R010 ,G649DX5R010T,G649D

  GMR Technology

Address: 26 Aloe Lane ,Lane Road ,Lyndhurst Johannesburg Gauteng 2192 South Africa

We are agents for locally manufactured pcb transformers and also brokers and distributors of electronic components worldwide.

  sa electronics

Address: lamorinierestraat 113 antwerpen Belgium Belgium

we specialize in sales of hard-to-find electronic components




  global group asia

Address: kantor taman a9 unit c8-14 Jl mega kuningan lot 8.9/9 jakarta dki jakarta 12950 Indonesia

Aviation Support