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  American Microsemiconductor

Address: 133 Kings Road Madison NJ 07940 United States
Phone: 973-377-9566  Fax: 973-377-3078

Manufacture and distributor of semiconductors We specialize in electronic distribution in diodes and transistors. New Products: 8212 & 8216 processors, Tri-Color Surface Mount LEDs and CA3028 Transistor Arrays.>>>

  Premier Parts

Address: Av. Federico Garcia Lorca 43 Benijofar Alicante 03178 Spain
Phone: ++ 34 638385134

Specialising in Hard to find Electronic Components. When your requirement is more difficult than normal to source, you can count on Premier Post to go the extra mile to get the hard to find components that you need. Day-to-day Requirements Day-to-day and long term supply of active, passive and electro-mechanical components. Shortage electronic components - active, passive and electro-mechanical A shortage of a crucial electronic components can bring your production schedules to a grinding halt. We specialise in sourcing shortage electronic components from around the world. We keep searching for parts long after others have given up, and if all else fails we work to find appropriate alternatives, which can be cross referenced from our extensive technical knowledge, gained by our years in the industry. over 16 years experience in an ever changing electronics sourcing market, Premier Parts can be of assistance. We can offer a full range of electronic products to assist in your day to day assembly and production. You can see our main range of manufacturers on our line card page on the web at www.premierparts.eu Active Electronic Components-Including transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, microprocessors, amplifiers, switches and a full range of opto devices to name a few from the semiconductor family. Passive-Passive electronic components including devices such as capacitors, resistors, connectors, networks, sensors and fuses. Electromechanical-Including but not limited to crystals, resonators, terminals, connectors, and cables assemblies. Military and Nato Specification Components-Cross referencing available Quality Guarantee Our commitment to quality begins with ensuring our suppliers conform to our stringent quality processes and continues with our in house quality checks prior to shipping, right through to our own money back guarantee for fit form and function of all devices for up to 60 days.


Address: 1805, Wu Sang House, 655 Nathan Roda, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong HK HK Hong Kong
Phone: 25055838  Fax: 25058121

OEM, PCBA & Trading

  SemNet Components Ltd.

Address: 390-31, YeonNamdong, Mapoku Seoul sl 121-867 Korea
Phone: 82-2-324-3975  Fax: 82-2-333-2772

has to be new and original packing it is very hot !!!!!!

  Electronic Universe Ltd.

Address: Myasnitskaya, 10 Moscow Moscow 101000 Russia
Phone: +7-095-234-66-04  Fax: +7-095-234-66-03

Electronic Components