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  R720C1009     honeywell   PLC receiver relay      
  QXK2J223KTPTZH     NICHICON   Capacitors      
  7116-2090     Yazaki   Female Terminal      
  LFP88A   0,15   Chequers Electronic   Printed Band Pass Filter      
  LFP88A   0,15   Chequers Electronic Ltd. China   Printed Band Pass Filter      
  74LS122   011   MOT/FAI/TEXAS/NS   DIP 14   LATEST DATE CODE    
  KSC3502E   0.10   sanyo/faichild   transistor to126   latest date code    
  TZ03Z050F169B00   0.12   Murata   trimmer 1.5pF - 5pF      
  WTAV56PD9J     Airborn   56 Pin Connector      
  0160-8851   0.55 -085   AVX   SMTCAPACITOR-FIXED 3.3PF +-0.05PF 100V MOS 0805   Tape and reel    
  08051J3R3ABT   0.55 - 0.85   AVX   CAPACITOR-FIXED 3.3PF +-0.05PF 100V MOS 0805 SMT   tape and reel    
  AT91SAM7S256-AU-001     ATMEL   micro      
  WTAV56PCJ       56 pin connector      
  TLE6240GP   1,2   any   TLE6240GP      
  CM800DU-12H     mitsubishi   na      
  SKM195GB066D   53.00   Semikron   IGBT (80558008052)      
  01250003H       fuse      
  STF25NM50N       FET      
  B43501A5227M       capacitor      
  SPW35N60C3       FET      
  STP42N65M5       FET      
  IDT16S60C       Diode      
  MC145151-2   ?   Motorola   PLL Freqency Synthesizer      
  813-22-016-30-001101     MillMax   16position pogo pin      
  813-SS-016-30-001101     PreciDip   16position pogo pin      
  811-S1-002-10-014101     PreciDip   posiiton pogo pin      
  814-22-024-30-002101     MillMax   pogo pin 24position      
  813-S1-020-30-017191     PreciDip   24position double row pogo pin      
  821-22-002-10-004101     MillMax   2position pogopin      
  JS28F160C3BD70   0   NUMONYX   IC   RoHS required    
  SPA17N80C3   0   INFINEON   IC   RoHS required    
  PT100     japanese   temperature sensor element      
  CXD2442Q     Sony   LCD timing generator      
  CXD2442Q     Sony   LCD timing generator      
  FTR-LYRA009V     FUJI TAKA   RELAY      
  NTJD4001NT1G   0,1     transistor      
  IRFS9N60APBF   n/a     IC      
  8MM-11-0006-02-131     Prec Dip   Board to Board connector      
  XWMCEI-20MHZ       quartz      
  SFE10.7ML   0.5   MURATA   FILTER      
  G8P1C4P24DC     omron   relais   RoHs/leadfree    
  1376368-1   NA   Tyco   8 WAY 025 SRS PLUG CONN Na   08+    
  1376368-1   NA   Tyco   HOUS 6P MICRO FIT F WITH RETAINER W   08+    
  S6B0724A01-B0CY   $1.5   Sam Sung   IC, display driver      
  52559-1672   0,1     EMB.FFC/FPC 16C.FEM.DRT CMS ZIF P=0,5 SP      
  HALOGEN LAMPS JC 12V 20W   2.5   FUJI   Helogen Lamp   current    
  RD412ETTEB241J   0.009   Koa   Resistor 240R, 0207 shape, 1% tolerance      
  IRF7240PBF   0.45   IR   mosfet      
  HAL815UT-A-2B-1   $0.6   Micronas   IC   +09    
  CMX641AD2   6.00   CML Micro   DETECTOR      
  020027     Comair Rotron   Fan      
  MS3102A14S-7P   20   ITT   CONNECTOR      
  PC44PQ35/35Z-12     TDK   ferrite core      
  GAL22V10D-15LS     Lattice   n/a   SO-24    
  IC2011444026N2   100.00   Yamaichi   IC Socket      
  SS-60000-009   .90   BEL STEWART   CONNECTOR     YES  
  200162FS008G200ZU   1.50   Suyin   Battery Connector      
  200163MS008100ZU   1.50   Suyin   Battery Connector      
  1393793-3   1.10   TYCO   RELAY      
  M39016/42-044P   34.45     Relay      
  09YL4M   15.   Switchcraft   connector      
  LTS25-NP   18     Current Sensor      
  TMS320F28335PGFA   $20   Texas Instruments   Digital Signal Controller      
  ADSP-2185NKCAZ-320   10.00   Analog Devices   IC DSP 16BIT 80MHZ 144CSPBGA   ROHS Compliant    
  A3936SED-T     Allegro   Motor control   none    
  NCP300LSN45T1G       NCP300LSN45T1G      
  ADSP-2185NKCAZ-320   10.00   Analog Devices   IC DSP 16BIT 80MHZ 144CSPBGA   ROHS Compliant    
  UNYL17     CROUSE-HINDS   1/2 MALE UNION      
  MB467       Prescaler      
  AT45DB642D-CNU       Dataflash      
  MAX4395EUD+   0   MAXIM   IC   RoHS required    
  ADE7753ARSZRL   1.1     ADE7753ARSZRL      
  ADE7753ARSZRL   1,1   AD   ADE7753ARSZRL      
  0022552261     Molex   Connector      
  EPM240M100C5N   0   ALTERA   IC   RoHS required    
  ER0350A1NM6     EDT   LCD display      
  MAX4866LEUT     MAXIM   Overvoltage protection Controller      
  2SC539       to-92 small signal transistor      
  AT45DB642D-TU     ATMEL   microscheme      
  BUX48   10   ?   TRANSISTOR      
  2N6379   15   ?   TRANSISTOR      
  B32022A3103K     Epcos   CAPACITOR Y2 10NF 10% 250V -      
  TRM5937AN   100   Hitachi   Hitachi      
  OD-J8670-0B01   100   NEC   NEC      
  TRM5937AN       Hitachi      
  PHE850EB5100KB04R17     Kemet   CAPACITOR Y2 10NF 10% 250V - EN132400      
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