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HoBid.com, global marketplace for electronic components, aircraft parts.

We connect worldwide OEM's & CEM's with reputable electronic component distributors in the industry. Our customers include Honeywell, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, L-3 Communications, NASA, Sanmina-SCI, Solectron, Flextronics, Jabil Circuits, Celestica, Intel, BAE Systems, Agilent Technologies, Tyco Electronics, SAIC, Hewlett Packard, General Dynamics, Rockwell Collins, NSWC Crane, Spawar Systems, GE, Motorola, Lucent and more......

---I have definitely had a great experience using HoBid.com. I am amazed at how quickly I got responses to my Parts inquiry. I will definitely use your services in the future, and will suggest your site to anyone in need of such a wonderful service.
---David Cosley, Cari.Net, U.S.A.
OEM / CEM Electronic Component Requirements
   Data Display Products ELF25C005A, 2000
   IDK Co.LTD,. LTN154AT14-L01, 2500
   GST GmbH OH223L, 2000
   Celestica 600-010356, 1000
   Kohler Company AT45DB642-CNU. 10000, $5
   Braun 7116-1466-02, 36000
   Duran Audio BV CAT163901F4LF, 20000
   InventureTrack Systems LP884765, 15,000
   AQ Wiring Systems 1928D01182-02, 2600, $3.2
   ST Microelectronics CW110001UBTM, 4000
   Smartech KPT-1608EC, 20000
   WIK Far East Ltd. D2SW-P01L3T, 8000
   HARRY BROWNS LLC 5297428, 2000
   EPICOR F65545B2-5.47, 2000
   MURAT TÄ°CARET 7183-3190, 3500
... more ...
9:48 pm EDT, Friday, April 18
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