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Premier Technology Exchange

Premier Technology Exchange is an established inventory dealer of new, used and refurbished computer equipment. Founded in 1990, we offer worldwide sales.
We seek to offer the highest trade-in values and offer below market prices on late model desktops, computers, servers, network equipment, workstations, mainframes, printers, laptops and monitors.
32106 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak , MI , 48073
United States
Tel: 248-583-9000   Fax: 248-583-9009
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Request a bid & quote for HP RH7-1122 2,HP RH7-1122-000CN 2,HP RH7-1151 1

Part NumberQuantity ManufacturerDate CodeComment
RH7-1122  2  HP    LJII/IID/III/LBP8III Upper Cooling Fan  
RH7-1122-000CN  2  HP    LJII/IID/III/LBP8III Upper Cooling Fan  
RH7-1151  1  HP    LJ4 Main Motor  
RH7-1152-000CN  1  HP    LJ4 Motor  
RH7-1163-000CN  2  HP    LJ4si Fan  
RH7-1169  1  HP    LJ4+/5 Main Motor  
RH7-1171  1  HP    LJ4+ Main Motor  
RH7-1260-000CN  4  HP    LJ5si Main Motor  
RH7-1289-000CN  3  HP    LJ5si Fan  
RH7-1301-000CN  2  HP    LJ4+/5/5N Main Motor  
RH7-1323  1  HP    LJ8500 Main Motor M4  
RH7-1325  1  HP    LJ8500 Carousel Motor M1  
RH7-1328  1  HP    LJ8500 Cartridge Drum Drive Motor M3  
RH7-1373  1  HP    LJ8500 Fan 2 FM2  
RH7-1669-000CN  1  HP    LJ1100 Gear Drive Motor  
RH7-6017-000CN  12  HP    LJIIP/IIP+/IIIP Power Switch  
RK611  1  DEC    70-12413  
RMO-S350  1  Sony    MO Disk Unit External  
RPS215  1  Kalpana    Power Supply  
RPS4804056  1  Condor    AC Adapter  
RRD40-DA  1  DEC    Table Top CD Rom Drive  
RRD42  1  DEC    CD Rom Drive  
RRD45-AA  2  DEC    CD Rom Drive  
RS18309  1  Generic    Toner  
RWP480505  23  Condor    Power Supply  
RWP480505-1  1  Iomega    Zip AC Adapter  
RX23-AA  1  DEC    Floppy Drive  
RX23L-AB  6  DEC    3000R Floppy Drive  
RY7-5008-000  9  HP    LJ5L/5L-FS/6L/6LSE Separation Pad Kit In Bag  
RY7-5050-000CN  9  HP    Sub Pad Kit  
RY7-5077-000  1  HP    Separation Pad Kit  
RZ23  7  DEC    Hard Drive  
RZ25-EA  2  DEC    426M SCSI Hard Drive  
RZ26-E  1  DEC    1G Hard Drive  
RZ55-E  5  DEC    332M Hard Drive  
RZ55-FA  2  DEC    332M External Hard Drive  
RZ56  3  DEC    SCSI Hard Drive w/Mounting Brackets  
RZ57-E  2  DEC    1G Hard Drive  
RZ5X-CA  1  DEC    Storage Expansion  
S1BCB074A  1  HP/Generic    LJ4L/4ML/4LC/4P/4PJ Toner  
SC300  1  Ault    24EU AC Adapter  
SCS-1200-10  1  Cables Unlimited    SCSI 10Ft Male-Male Centronics Cable  
SDX2-50C  3  Sony    50/130G Tapes  
SDX-D700C  1  Sony/Sun    100/160G External Tape Drive  
SEACT-AX  1  DEC    150 w/CD Rom  
SG4-6212-050CN  20  HP    LJII/III Formatter Board  
SG4-6271-000CN  2  HP    LJII Panel Cable Assembly  
SG511  1  Zip    AC Adapter  
SG5-4150  7  HP    PCBA Video Mark III/IIIR/IIIT  
SHE-24  1  Cabletron    HubStack 10BaseT 12 Port w/Lanview  
SIC-S20  1  Apple    Mac Mouse Cable  
SK-1428GN  1  Supercom    14 Inch Monitor  
SK-4145DE  3  Proline    AT Power Supply  
SMC1660BTA-50  2  SMC    10Mbps ISA NIC OEM Box No Manual/Drivers  
SMC3314T  1  SMC    14 Port Managed 10BaseT Hub  
SMC3326TA  4  SMC    TigerStack 3326TA 26 Port 10M Hub  
SMC3326TC  6  SMC    TigerStack 3326TA 26 Port 10M Hub  
SMC3512TP  1  SMC    12 Port Hub  
SMC3512TPI  1  SMC    12 Port Hub Cover Dented  
SMC5324TX  2  SMC    TigerStack 5324TX 10/100 Hub  
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Part No.MfrD/CQtyPrice (US$)Comment
PA-A6-T3Cisco 2 per unit $contact Ikrichmar@usce.org
PA-A6-E3Cisco 3 per unit $contact Ikrichmar@usce.org
SPA-10X1GE-V2Cisco 3 per unitcontact Ikrichmar@usce.org
RSP720-3C-GECisco 4 per unitcontact Ikrichmar@usce.org
CF52FKN10AMPanasonic Toughbook 2010 50 $1,250comes with Manufacturer warranty
WS-C4510R-ECisco 9/09 1 $5,900Excel. shape 6 mo. warr.
15454-10DME-CCisco 10-2009 2 $16,549Cisco boxed 1 year warranty. Stock
C1107MHP 2001 1 $4889Jukebox w/ (6) 9.1Gb Dr.
4R120L0Maxtor 3,000 19Contact Jessica Triplett
6GB-6.4GBAssorted any 1900 $3.45Stock/ photos avail.
128MB PC100/133Assorted any 2100 $2.00Stock/ photos avail.
P30SUEspon 8-14-07 2 300Make me an offer. spong@usce.org
P970AEspon 8-14-07 1 500Make me an offer. spong@usce.org
Z715Lexmark 8-14-07 11 CallMake me an offer. spong@usce.org
Z615Lexmark 8-14-07 84 CallMake me an offer. spong@usce.org
RT7D20Dell 8-14-07 580 1.75Make me an offer. spong@usce.org
88146JHP 2003 40 $295.2Gb Media NEW
C7984AHP 2003 200 $399.1Gb Media NEW
C1110MHP 2003 3 $11,000Complete
SMO-F561-01HP/Sony 2003 35 $989JukeBox avail. C1110M
C1113MHP/Sony 2003 35 $989JukeBox avail. C1110M
C1113-69014HP 2003 35 989JukeBox Dr.
SMO-F561-01HP 2003 35 989AKA C1113M Jukebox dr.
C1113MHP 2003 35 989AKA smo-f561-01 Jukebox dr.
CDD4801/72Phillips 2003 100 $9Stock-ship today NEW Bulk
CDD4801/71 NEWPhillips 2003 500 $9Stock-ship today NEW BULK

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