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SAYAL Electronics

SAYAL Electronics is a component distribution company specializing in buying and selling of all surplus, excess or closeout inventories consisting of all semiconductors, passive electronic components, test equipment, computer, industrial or consumer products and electrical devices. SAYAL Electronics carries a multimillion-dollar inventory of ready-to-ship products and offers a global search service for locating hard-to-find and obsolete parts. Search our extensive inventory on-line.
3791 Victoria Park ave., Toronto , Ontario , M1W 3K6
Tel: 416-494-8999   Fax: 416-494-9721
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Request a bid & quote for AMP 32440 283,AMP 32442 42,AUGAT 324-AG10DC 10

Part NumberQuantity ManufacturerDate CodeComment
32440  283  AMP    QUICK CONNECTOR  
32442  42  AMP    RING TERM BLU #4 16-14AWG  
324-AG10DC  10  AUGAT    IC SOCKET DW 24 TIN 7.62MM HP WI  
324-AG19DC  5100  AUGAT    IC SOCKET DW 24 TIN 15.24MM WIN  
32501.5  170  LITTEL    FUSE SBPT 1.5A 250V 6.3X32MM CER  
3250P-1-253  16  BOURNS  04  TRIMPOT 25K MT 5% SA  
3250P-1-501  7  BOURNS  0112  TRIMPOT 500R MT SQ WW 1/2IN 5%  
3250P-CU4-502  64  BOURNS  8806  TRIMPOT 5K MT SA/FM 13MM C-FORM  
3250P-M74-203  34  BOURNS  8739  TRIMPOT 20K MT SA/FM 13MM FLAT  
3250P-M74-501  50    8730  TRIMPOT 500R MT SA PCMT 12MM TFO  
3250P-M74-503  50  BOURNS  8713  TRIMPOT 50K MT SA/FM TO5 13MM SQ  
3250W-434-500  72  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 50R MT TA/EM SIPC 13MM  
3250W-67-102  15  BOURNS  8722  TRIMPOT 1K MT TA/EM SIPC 13MM  
3250W-67-203  37  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 20K MT TA/EM SIPC 13MM  
32510  503  AMP    QUICK CONNECTOR  
32519  797      COAX CABLE RG6U QUAD SH BLK 25FT  
32520  607      COAX CABLE RG6U QUAD SH BLK 50FT  
3252L-1-100  16  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 10R MT SA 13MM WITH WIRE  
3252L-1-103  22  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 10K MT WITH WIRE 13MM  
3252L-1-504  26  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 5OOK MT WITH WIRE 13MM  
3252RJ-22FW-503  30  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 50K MT TA/EM 13MM  
3252W-1-501  9  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 500R MT TA 12MM SQ  
3252W-1-503  10  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 50K MT TA/EM 13MM  
3252X-1-103  11  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 10K MT SA PCMT 13MM  
3255W-1-202  360  BOURNS  7720  TRIMPOT 2K MT TA EM SIPC SQ 10MM  
3255W-1-500  579  BOURNS  72  TRIMPOT 50R MT TA SIPC SQ 13MM  
3255W-66-101  20  BOURNS  70  TRIMPOT 100R MT SA SIP PC MOUNT  
3255W-66-501  31  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 500R MT SA/EM SIPC 13MM  
326-0072  27  DIALGT    INDICATOR CAP RECT GRN 19X16MM  
32602.5  455  LITTEL    FUSE SB 2.5A 250V 6.3X32MM CERAM  
3260CDC  18  FSC  7721  CERAMIC 24P DIP  
3262P-1-253  94  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 25K MT SA/FM 7MM FLAT  
3262W-001-103  440  BOURNS  8543  TRIMPOT 10K MT TA/EM 7MM TFORM  
3262W-1-101  34  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 100R MT TA/EM 7MM  
3262W-1-105  56  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 1M MT TA PCMT 7MM TFORM  
3262W-1-105  31  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 1M MT TA PCMT 7MM TFORM  
3262W-1-105  652  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 1M MT TA/EM 7MM EDGE  
3262W-1-200  100  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 20R MT TA/EM SIPO 7MM  
3262W-1-202  111  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 2K MT TA/EM 7MM  
3262W-1-502  78  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 5K MT TA/EM 7MM  
3262W-1-504  372  BOURNS  83  TRIMPOT 500K MT TA/EM 7MM  
3262X-1-253  80  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 25K MT SA/EM 7MM  
3262X-1-503  29  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 50K MT SA PCMT 7MM  
3266W001103  479  BOURNS  95+  TRIMPOT 10K MT TA TFORM 7MM PCMT  
3266W-001-104  88  BOURNS  9645  TRIMPOT 100K MT TA/EM 7MM  
3266W-001-501  325  BOURNS  431c  TRIMPOT 500R MT TA/EM 7MM  
3266W-001-503  40  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 50K MT TA SQ PCMT 7MM  
3266W-1-103  74  BOURNS    POT TRIM 10K MT TA/EM 7MM  
3266W-1-203  225  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 20K MT TA PCMT 3PINS 7M  
3266W-1-500  40  BOURNS  00  TRIMPOT 50R MT TA TFORM 7MM  
3266W-504  148  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 500K MT TA/EM 7MM  
3266X-1-102  50  BOURNS  00  TRIMPOT 1K MT SA TFORM 7MM  
3266X-1-501  395  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 500R MT SA  
3266X-1-503  361  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 50K MT SA 7MM  
3266X-1-503  40  BOURNS  0136  TRIMPOT 50K MT SA SQ  
3266Y-1-201  3561  BOURNS    TRIMPOT 200R 1/4IN MT TA 3P 10%  
3269P-001-103  105  BOURNS  9244  TRIMPOT 10K MT SA SMT  
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