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Request a bid & quote for Seal Service Set, Ford/Chrysle ACT1271A 7,Tool, Universal Valve Core Ser ACT1290A 7,Remove/Install Tool, Valve Cor ACT1295A 7

Part NumberQuantity ManufacturerDate CodeComment
ACT1271A  7  Seal Service Set, Ford/Chrysle    ACT1271A  
ACT1290A  7  Tool, Universal Valve Core Ser    ACT1290A  
ACT1295A  7  Remove/Install Tool, Valve Cor    ACT1295A  
ACT1297  7  Set, Master Valve Core Tool, R    ACT1297  
ACT1300A  7  Set, Air Conditioning Clutch R    ACT1300A  
ACT134  7  Adaptor, Straight Service Port    ACT134  
ACT1370  7  Set, Disconnect    ACT1370  
ACT2020KT  7  Tester, A/C Systems    ACT2020KT  
ACT2020KT1  7  Antenna (for ACT2020KT A/C Sys    ACT2020KT1  
ACT2020KT2  7  Probe Assembly, Ambient (for A    ACT2020KT2  
ACT2020KT3  7  Thermocouples, Ribbon (for ACT    ACT2020KT3  
ACT2020KT4  7  Case, Storage (for ACT2020KT A    ACT2020KT4  
ACT2020KTPF  7  Fittings, Pressure (for ACT202    ACT2020KTPF  
ACT2020KTPM  7  Module, Infrared Printer (for    ACT2020KTPM  
ACT2020KTPR  7  Printer, Infrared (for ACT2020    ACT2020KTPR  
ACT2030  7  Analyzer, A/c System    ACT2030  
ACT2100  7  Set, A/C Hose Crimper, Hydraul    ACT2100  
ACT21001  7  Crimper, A/C Hose    ACT21001  
ACT21002  7  Set, Standard/ Reduced Barrier    ACT21002  
ACT21003  7  Set, Standard Die, #8 (13/32")    ACT21003  
ACT21004  7  Set, Standard Die, #10 (1/2")    ACT21004  
ACT21005  7  Set, Standard Die, #12 (5/8")    ACT21005  
ACT21006  7  Set, Reduced Barrier Die, #6 (    ACT21006  
ACT21007  7  Set, Reduced Barrier Die, #10    ACT21007  
ACT21008  7  Set, Reduced Barrier Die, #12    ACT21008  
ACT21009  7  Case, Plastic    ACT21009  
ACT2105  7  Kit, Orifice Tube Service    ACT2105  
ACT279C  7  Service Manual    ACT279C  
ACT28B  7  Pump, Pneumatic Vacuum    ACT28B  
ACT332A  7  Valve, Anti-Blow Back Refriger    ACT332A  
ACT403  7  Adaptor, Hi-Side Straight, 7/1    ACT403  
ACT404  7  Adaptor, Hi-Side Flex    ACT404  
ACT405  7  Adaptor, Hi-Side Flex (1977-80    ACT405  
ACT406  7  Adaptor, Shutoff Valve, 7/16"-    ACT406  
ACT407  7  Fin Straightener and Cleaner,    ACT407  
ACT408  7  Adaptor, Hi-Side (1991and late    ACT408  
ACT410  7  Adaptor, Shutoff Valve, 1/4" a    ACT410  
ACT413A  7  Valve, Can Tap, Side Mount (Fo    ACT413A  
ACT414  7  Restorer, Access Service Port    ACT414  
ACT416  7  Valve, Manual Shutoff, 90? Yel    ACT416  
ACT499A  7  Wrench, Spanner, Adjustable    ACT499A  
ACT51234  7  Gauge, Manifold Test, R12 / R1    ACT51234  
ACT512344  7      ACT512344  
ACT600A  7  Set, Adaptor, 7 pcs. (for conn    ACT600A  
ACT600A1  7  Box, Plastic    ACT600A1  
ACT700  7  Kit, A/C Sealant Detection    ACT700  
ACT7251  7      ACT7251  
ACT73  7  Thermometer, Dial-Type (Range:    ACT73  
ACT730  7  Leak Detector, Halogen, Electr    ACT730  
ACT7301  7  Tip, Replacement (ACT730/ACT75    ACT7301  
ACT7751  7      ACT7751  
ACT7752  7      ACT7752  
ACT7753  7      ACT7753  
ACT7754  7      ACT7754  
ACT7755  7      ACT7755  
ACT780  7  Kit, Electronic/UV AC Leak Det    ACT780  
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