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Country Quantity Suppliers
   United States 100000 7
   China 201 5
   United Kingdom 159 4
   Taiwan 30 1

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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   LM300WQ6-SLA1 More     7777
Sonicare Solutions Inc.

Address: 111 COMMERCE ROAD BOYNTON BEACH, Florida, United States 33426
Contact: James   Michaels,  Phone: +1 561 202 9717 , Fax: +1 561 202 9701

   LM300WQ6-SLA1 More     810 LG LCD NEW 30in2560
   LM300WQ6-SLA1 More     30 LG-PHILIPS
   LM300WQ6-SLA1 More     200 LG LG - LM300WQ6-SLA1
   LM300XM More     51
   lm3010n More     17
   LM3012AH/883 More     100000 NSC
   LM3012AH/883 More     1000 NSC

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
LM300WQ5-STA4    8077 2
LM300WQ6-SLA1    8817 4
LM300XM   159 3
LM3010AN    15875 6
LM301-1    107 6
LM301-1A   106 2
LM3011H     8221 8
LM3012   4246 3
LM3012AH/883    101213 3
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  J2sourcing AB

Address: Modemgatan 4 Vellinge Sweden 23539 Sweden
Phone: +46406727250  Fax: +466727259

  Giocom LLC

Address: 6401 E Rogers Circle, Suite #4 Boca Raton Florida 33487 United States
Phone: 561-907-8487  Fax: 561-948-2057

Electronic and Avionics components distribution.

  Synergy Components LLC.

Address: 224 Dawn River Cove austin texas 78732 United States
Phone: 512-266-5759  Fax: 888-506-2570

electronic component distributor

  Iconix Inc.

Address: 40 Oser Avenue Suite 4 Hauppauge NY 11788 United States
Phone: 631-850-3357

Iconix Inc. is a leading ISO 9001:2008-certified & IDEA-STD-1010A Compliant, distributor of Electronic Components & Airplane Parts, specializing in hard to find, obsolete and shortage parts. We offer an extensive, global network of supplier relationships, that enable us to quickly and competitively source the parts you need, from Authorized Supply Channels throughout the globe.

  Progressive Technologies EUROPE

Address: 575, rue de la Bergeresse Olivet France F-45100 France
Phone: (33)  Fax: (33)

International trading company supplying harsh environment OEMs/CEMs with electronic components (active/passive) and computer related products (HDD, LCD, mothrbrd, memory, ...). We specialize in managing OEM XS inventory, especially INDUSTRIAL & MILITARY graded parts. All delivered products are coming from clearly identified sources and fully traceable. Quality tests are performed by reputable independant labs. QUALITY FIRST!

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  Huandong Electronics LTD.

Address: Room 2309,29th Floor, #B Building, JiaHe Electronics Mansion, ZhongHang Road, 518031, Shenzhen, Guan Shenzhen Guandong 518031 China
Phone: +86-13714421001

Huandong Electronics Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which provides a complete solution in producing, testing, selling for diodes, triodes & power transistors. It is specialized in producing: power transistor, thyristor, three-terminal voltagestabilizing device, rectifier diode, trigger diode, silicon rectifier, silicon fast-recovery rectifier, high efficiency rectifier, ultra fast rectifier, high-speed switching rectifier, high voltage rectifier, SMD rectifier, schottkybarrier rectifier. All products are SGS pb-free certificated & RoHs compliant. Products are applied to: television, audio power amplifier, power supply, ultrasonic, humidifier, spark lighter, car, computer, telephone, mobile, multimedia equipment, digital camera, fax & electromotion toys. It now owns the most advanced production equipments, as well as solid power in research techniques, and rich experience in large-scale production. The performance, quality & reliability of the products is equivalent to most similar products from other famous brands. Above 80% of its products are exported to Europe, America, Asia & Southeast Asia. The company sticks to the principle of quality first & the customer is king. It makes sure of the efficient control in every single products & working procedure, and builds up a perfect system for quality ensurance & after-sale service, which is complied with the advantages itself. Meanwhile, it also provides customers with a complete service facility for other electronic components in switch power & power supply, energy-saving lamps, chargers, and other industrial & commercial appliance. Therefore, it��s greatly trusted by all the customers oweing to its product seriation, diversification in service facility & improved after-sale service. With the broad market channel & professional technical support, Huandong Electronics Ltd. pursues supplying its valued customers with super before or after sales service, good quality, favourable price and more updated & improved products.


Address: DEFFENCE AREA, MARROR ROAD ABU-DHABI 30888 United Arab Emirates
Phone: 009712699724  Fax: 009712699790



Address: 13-303 GONG GU SANG GA 289-1 DAEHWA DONG DAEDUK GU DAEJEON 306-754 Korea
Phone: 82-42-670-6384

We sell electronic parts to the national researches and laboratories, Universities and some companies.

  amar electronics

Address: 111oppanakara street coimbatore tamil nadu 641001 India
Phone: 00914222390072  Fax: 2389617

big big projects in compressors antiair purifaction units and air polluting systems.

  Zhengzhou Yuzhe Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Room 1708,Xinyuan Commercial Plaza,No.99 North Jingsan Road, zhengzhou henan 450000 China
Phone: 86 371 67210211  Fax: 86 371 88886906

Yuzhe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in import and export of industrial spare parts, assembly engineering, product development, trade and integration of automation engineering company. The company mainly engaged in instrumentation, automation products, electrical equipment, machinery and electronic products sales and systems integration of industrial automation products. Company and foreign and domestic brand suppliers have very good relations of cooperation in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, etc. to form a stable, efficient supply network. agents and distribution products are widely used in machinery, equipment manufacturing, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, paper, chemical, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. The company also carry out overseas operations, with South Africa, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the United States and other countries in Southeast Asia Engineering technical cooperation. Industrial automation products: PLC DCS, sensor, transducer, encoder, relays, servo drives, soft starters, the touch screen. Brand products involved are: Continental, Schneider, Siemens, ABB SICK, P + F, E + H, Yokogawa, mountains, Omron, Mitsubishi, Emerson, Honeywell, FANUC, GE, Eaton Electrical, CT, etc. Yuzhe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in good faith "integrity, innovation, practical, professional" business philosophy, through continuous improve enterprise's own R & D services for domestic and foreign customers the best products and technology solutions, service-oriented excellence.