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   Part No. Quantity Manufacturer
   D55342E07B37E4R More     99 RESISTOR
Mil-Aero Solutions, Inc

Address: 21 Keyland Ct Bohemia, NY, United States 11716
Contact: John   Ericksen,  Phone: 631-648-9000 , Fax: 631-585-5026

   D55342E07B383BC More     433 MIL-
   D55342E07B383BRT5 More     10000 VISHAY THIN FILM
   D55342E07B37B4R More     51 VISHAY
   D55342E07B383BRTR More     500 VTF 1206 383K .1%
   D55342E07B379BR More     48 DALE RESISTORS,RESISTOR
   D55342E07B383BC More     595
   D55342E07B374DRT1 More     6000 VIS Location SOLIAV

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Part No. Quantity Suppliers
D55342E07B383BC   2008 4
D55342E07B392ER   151 2
D55342E07B39B2R   101 2
D55342E07B3B01C   92 2
D55342E07B3B01R   230 3
D55342E07B3B16R    230 5
D55342E07B3B32R   136 6
D55342E07B3B40C   18 3
D55342E07B3B52R   27 3
D55342E07B3B57R   450 4
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Address: pl. Mira 1 Moscow Moscow Russia

we are an independent broker

  Milgray Distribution GmbH

Address: Allmendstr. 28 Port Switzerland Switzerland

Distribution of IC's and Power Supplies.

  Connect4Technologies Inc.

Address: 16877 Hymus Blvd. Kirkland Quebec H9H 3L4 Canada

Independant distributor of elctronic components

  jeff Loggins Associates

Address: 12350 Road Runner Ridge Riverside Ca 92325 United States

Buy and sell telephone systems, Telco equipment, Transmission Equipment, PBX's, Networks both wired and wireless and their components

  A-grade Electronics Company

Address: 24C,Jinghai Garden Shenzhen Guangdong 518000 China

A-GRADE Electronics Company is a professional electronic technology company which main products for IC,Capacitor,Crystal and resistor ect.We major in the following brands:AD,ALLEGRO,AMD,ATMEL,TI,CYPRESS,LTC,MICREL,MAXIM,DALLAS,XINLIN,ON SEMI,XILINX,MICROSEMI,MITSUBISUH,INTERSIL,INTEL..etc