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Part No. Comment Catalog Mfr Quantity Company Country
24C32 6 SOP-8   ST 2000 Marvid Electronics India
CXD1167Q IC   SONY 3 Lexus Worldwide International Ltd. Lebanon
TCSCN1A475KBAR 10 wv 4.7 uF   SAMSUNG 70 K PROCOM Mexico
0603CS-R10XJLW 100nH 0603 5% tol,ROHS   coilcraft 4000 sleazy hookers trading co United Kingdom
1376113-2 025 CAP ASSY 40P   Tyco 1296 CMTi Pte Ltd Singapore
AD815ARB-24-REEL IC [IC (Integrated Circuit) ADI 1417 itchips Tonga
MAX1480AEPI new and unused,good quality.   Maxim 500 Century Yuanfeng Components China
6810-2384 CONNECTOR   Sumitomo 10,000 Commonwealth Components United States
SN74LV06ADGVRG4 TVSOP14   TI 845 Sanai Yuanshen Components China

Title Catalog Company Country
Optical midia converter  [Optoelectronic Haishuo Technology Co.,Ltd China 
kapton tape, PET Green tape supplier  [PCB (printed circuit board) Suzhou Wei-Li Tape Co.,Ltd China 
optical power meter---ST800  [Optoelectronic ShanDong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd China 
emagin The SVGA+ active matrix OLED   [Optoelectronic Eponents Technology Co.,Limited China 
OPA4277UA/E4  [IC (Integrated Circuit) RESOO Electronic (Sichuan)Co.Ltd China 
DVB  [Telecom Landsky Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd China 
ET439 FUJI ELECTRIC  [Transistor jade technologie France 
Bluetooth EDR adapter,BH-0102023  [Telecom Bonphi Technology Limited China 
membrane swiches  [Switches Shenzhen Tongchuangfa Electronic Co.,LTD China 
LifePO4 battery protection system  [Batteries Joint Edges Technology Corp. China 

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