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Part No. Comment Catalog Mfr Quantity Company Country
AD620BRZ SOP-8   AD 9000 Marvid Electronics India
AS53-4CE1 Quad E1/PRI Card-Balanced/Unba   Cisco 1 Radan Trade Israel
IRL3713 ic [IC (Integrated Circuit) IR 3000 Advent Devices Pte Ltd Singapore
BSM150GT120DN2 3-PHASE IGBT MODULE   SIEMENS/EUPEC 10 jade technologie France
24LC128I/SM   Microchip 10 Electronic Component Brokers United Kingdom
PGA2310UA IC [IC (Integrated Circuit) TEXAS INSTRUMENTS 5000 ESB Electronics United States
HY57V161610ET-7   HYNIX 145920 Fast Logic Pte Ltd Singapore
K9F1G08U0B-PIB0 1G bit Nand Flash 128Mx8 PB Free   Samsung 10000 Ample Solutions Pte Ltd China
MIC5255-2.85BML 2.85V   MICREL, INC. 58624 FOCUS Co.,Ltd Korea

Title Catalog Company Country
hot offer  [Potentiometer United States 
MK53731N-00D  [IC (Integrated Circuit) Tai sum(HK) TECHNOLOGY LIMITED China 
IR MOSFETS  [Transistor Chonhin Marketing & Trade Malaysia 
Digital Inverter Generator  [Mechcanical Parts Ningbo Audree Industries & Trading CO., LTD. China 
SA9615  [IC (Integrated Circuit) Tai sum(HK) TECHNOLOGY LIMITED China 
USB Plug, Assembly Type  [Connector ADVILUX CONNECT TECHNOLOGY Singapore 
Sell electronic components  [IC (Integrated Circuit) Bairine Technology co.,Ltd China 
NQ82915PM SL8G3 On sale  [IC (Integrated Circuit) A GREEN ELECTRONICS CO,.LTD China 
sales  [IC (Integrated Circuit) AONE ELECTRONICS INC United States 
LQ5AW136R OFFER  [Displays Pinefield LCD Ltd Hong Kong 

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