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Part No. Comment Catalog Mfr Quantity Company Country
LM2576D2TR4-5G On semi   On semi 10000 HK Parkeli China
12064971 Ships Same Day Stock   Delphi 4000 Commonwealth Components United States
SC510070JDWE   FREESCALE 100000 World Sea Co., Ltd. Hong Kong
IDT 6167SA25P 16K by 1 SRAM   IDT 98 Improvision Research United States
BCM53252KQM   Broadcom 4980 Xcellenceworks, LLC United States
ADE7753ARSZ   AD 2K GBU Technology Co., Ltd. China
M5M5408BTP-70H 4MEG SRAM TSOP 5V   REN 9000 East West Electronics, Inc. United States
K9F2G08U0APCB0 2 Gig Nand Flash   Samsung 578 AS Industries, LLC United States
BT8510EPJE   BT 50 Yulin Electronics Inc. China
RK80532PE067512 P4 2.66GHZ 478PIN SL6PE   INTEL 360 OEM XS Inc United States

Title Catalog Company Country
led high powerlight   [Lighting / Lamps Shen Zhen Ebelno Technology Co.,LTD. China 
rapier loom parts  [Other Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd China 
The eMagin Z800 3DViso  [Displays Eponents Technology Co.,Limited China 
BLF278 NXP PHILIPS POWER MOSFET Transist  [Transistor Puri Tronik Indonesia 
IAM-E55F19, CAM-E54E54B  [Connector Goldfull China 
fogger/humidifier-Mist Fountain (Stone m  [Lighting / Lamps Foshan Nanhai Techsin Electronic Co., Ltd. China 
FUJITSU P65FT100AUB  [Other nzimart Singapore 
SVGA+ Rev 2 Color Microdisplay  [Displays Eponents Technology Co.,Limited China 
SVGA+ Yellow OLED emagin  [Displays Eponents Technology Co.,Limited China 
Stock in hand  [IC (Integrated Circuit) A GREEN ELECTRONICS CO,.LTD China 

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