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Part No. Comment Catalog Mfr Quantity Company Country
LQ5AW136R LCD   SHARP 100 Pinefield LCD Ltd Hong Kong
XCS10-3VQ100I-VQFP100 FPGA 10K gates   Xilinx 100 IMDEX Technology Germany
ROJ208 203/3   Ericsson 300 KPN Netherlands
XCR3064XL-10VQ44C   xil 1200 ShenZhen Keyuan industry Co.,ltd China
EPM5128GM New and unused,good quality   Altera 50 Century Yuanfeng Components China
XRD98L55   INTERSIL 3758 ShenZhen Keyuan industry Co.,ltd China
XC2V4000-6FFG1152C BGA sample   XILINX 1 Century Yuanfeng Components China
XRCWHT-L1-0000-003E7 XLamp, 7090, XR-C, LED, Warm White, Min Flux M3, (7A,7B,7C,7D)   cree 10000 LIBERTY COMPONENTS United States
BLC6G22LS-75 Power Amplifier   NXP 100 Sanai Yuanshen Components China
DMH23441M-03   IEE 250 lutech inc. United States

Title Catalog Company Country
NBR with insertion rubber sheet  [Other  
Ceramic blanket  [Other  
Sell Toshiba LTD111EXCA  [Displays Hansinfo Co. Taiwan 
trimmer potentiometer  [Potentiometer changzhou kennon electronics co.,ltd. China 
M59801  [Auto Parts CARSEB Morocco 
rubber diaphragm mouldings  [Batteries Ningbo T.C.I CO., LTD China 
216PDAGA23F for sell  [IC (Integrated Circuit) Wo Hing Electronics Trading Compnay(HK) China 
3362W-1-105  [Potentiometer TREESAM ELECTRONICS(HK)CO.,LTD China 
power transformer,audio transformer  [Magnets Foshan Nanhai Dibao Electric Factory China 

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