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Part No. Comment Catalog Mfr Quantity Company Country
JR1640310152 VISHAY   VISHAY 5000 Commonwealth Components United States
MT48LC16M8A2P-75:G   MICRON 800 UNIC Singapore
CY62428VLL-557AI TSOP28   CYPRESS 52 C. T. Lagunera Trading Philippines
MG87C196KC PGA   INTEL 100 Sanai Yuanshen Components China
FS 7 KM fet   " 1000 bec-ent Malaysia
CV8722DBT INTEGRATED CIRCUIT   PHI 5000 Bematech Electronics Pte Ltd Singapore
LTC3202EDD PB FREE   LT 30000 BSI United States
TL494CN ROHS   TI 220050 aaaa China
AD8616AR FACTORY SEALED   AD 250 Amman Enterprises India
LC320W01-SLA1 LCD panel   LG 12 Global Business India

Title Catalog Company Country
Texas Instruments Distributors  [IC (Integrated Circuit) Hybrid Electronics United States 
skf/ina/fag/timken/nsk/ntn/iko/koyo/nach  [Auto Parts China SSHB Bearing Co.,Ltd China 
sfp fiber transceiver  [Telecom Gigac International Technology Co..Ltd China 
plastic handle 02D  [Other Hao Fan Plastic Processing Factory China 
FLC167WF in stock ready for shipment  [IC (Integrated Circuit) HK Cyea Electronic Co.,Ltd China 
M29W640FB70N6E  [IC (Integrated Circuit) FUtureway Tech China 
Tyco electronics connector stock  [Connector Mccoy components (shanghai) co,.ltd China 
X2 Module  [Optoelectronic Newstar(Hongkong) networking technology Hong Kong 
BLF278 NXP PHILIPS POWER MOSFET Transist  [Transistor Puri Tronik Indonesia 

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