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Part No. Comment Catalog Mfr Quantity Company Country
MIC2211-JPYML (2.5V/3.0V) 3*3 MLF 10   MICREL, INC. 3090 FOCUS Co.,Ltd Korea
VT-150F(15PPM,8.7PF) Crystal   Seiko 30000 itchips Tonga
6098-0239 CONNECTOR   SUMITOMO 10,000 Commonwealth Components United States
BGA2711 Power Amplifier   NXP 100 Sanai Yuanshen Components China
ET6100 Graphics chip   TSENG LABS 216 Robo-Technology GmbH Germany
PT2388   PTC 4000 Shenzhen Longline Technology Development Co.,Ltd China
HKS05-73421 50390295(09-4415-72)   HERTH&BUSS FAHRZEUGTEILE 1430 Nursan Kablo Donanim A.S. Turkey
IRF7424TR P-CH MOSFET   I R 2000 Continental Traders Pakistan
BA6664FP IC   ROHM 200 Doshi Enterprise India
LMZ35003RKGT DC/DC Converter   Texas Instruments 200 bnm manufacturing United States

Title Catalog Company Country
Sell opaque white PET film  [Other Mianyang Prochema Plastic Co.,ltd China 
HD64F2148ATE20  [IC (Integrated Circuit) itchips Tonga 
FDS9926A_NL  [IC (Integrated Circuit) SINO STAR ELECTRONICS (HK) CO., LIMITED China 
2-12position IC type DIP switch  [Telecom Ningbo Prime Technology Co,. Ltd China 
STI5105ALC   [IC (Integrated Circuit) HongKong Full Flourish Technology Co.,Ltd Hong Kong 
sell pcb  [PCB (printed circuit board) gainbase pcb co,.ltd China 
FPC  [PCB (printed circuit board) Cirket electronics co.,Ltd China 
Parker Compumotor 1811 Indexer Formatter  [Embedded Computer Systems BuyAnyWay, Inc United States 
plastic handle 02D  [Other Hao Fan Plastic Processing Factory China 
RI-TMS3705AD  [IC (Integrated Circuit) FUSM Colombia 

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