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PartNo                   PartNo                   PartNo                   PartNo                   PartNo                   
TLC074NSR                TLC075                   TLC075AID                TLC075AIDG4              TLC075AIDR               
TLC075AIDRG4             TLC075AIN                TLC075AINE4              TLC075AIPWP              TLC075AIPWPG4            
TLC075CD                 TLC075CDG4               TLC075CDR                TLC075CN                 TLC075CNE4               
TLC075CPWP               TLC075CPWPG4             TLC075CPWPRG4            TLC075ID                 TLC075IDG4               
TLC075IDR                TLC075IDRG4              TLC075IN                 TLC075INE4               TLC075IPWP               
TLC075IPWPG4             TLC075IPWPRG4            TLC07X                   TLC080                   TLC0803CDR               
TLC080AIDR               TLC080AIP                TLC080C                  TLC080CD                 TLC080CDG4               
TLC080CDGNR              TLC080CDGNRG4            TLC080CDR                TLC080CDRG4              TLC080ID                 
TLC080IDG4               TLC080IDGN               TLC080IDGNR              TLC080IDGNRG4            TLC080IDR                
TLC080IDRG4              TLC080IP                 TLC080IPE4               TLC081                   TLC081AI                 
TLC081AID                TLC081AIDG4              TLC081AIDR               TLC081AIDRG4             TLC081AIP                
TLC081AIPE4              TLC081C                  TLC081CD                 TLC081CDG4               TLC081CDGN               
TLC081CDGNG4             TLC081CDGNR              TLC081CDGNRG4            TLC081CDR                TLC081CDRG4              
TLC081CP                 TLC081CPE4               TLC081CTR                TLC081DGNR               TLC081ID                 
TLC081IDG4               TLC081IDGN               TLC081IDGNR              TLC081IDGNRG4            TLC081IDR                
TLC081IDRG4              TLC081IP                 TLC081IPE4               TLC082                   TLC0820                  
TLC0820A                 TLC0820ASMDU20PIN        TLC0820AADC0820ANS       TLC0820AC                TLC0820ACD               
TLC0820ACDB              TLC0820ACDBG4            TLC0820ACDBR             TLC0820ACDW              TLC0820ACDW              
TLC0820ACDWG4            TLC0820ACDWR             TLC0820ACDWRG4           TLC0820ACFN              TLC0820ACFNG3            
TLC0820ACN               TLC0820ACNDC05           TLC0820ACN               TLC0820ACNE4             TLC0820AI                
TLC0820AIDW              TLC0820AIDWG4            TLC0820AIDWR             TLC0820AIDWRG4           TLC0820AIDWNonRoHS       
TLC0820AIFN              TLC0820AIFNG3            TLC0820AIN               TLC0820ANC               TLC0820C                 
TLC0820CCN               TLC0820CDW               TLC0820IN                TLC0820SI                TLC0821IDGN              
TLC082AID                TLC082AIDG4              TLC082AIDR               TLC082AIDRG4             TLC082AIP                
TLC082AIPE4              TLC082BC                 TLC082C                  TLC082CBR                TLC082CD                 
TLC082CD-TI              TLC082CDG4               TLC082CDGN               TLC082CDGNG4             TLC082CDGNR              
TLC082CDGNRG4            TLC082CDR                TLC082CDRG4              TLC082CP                 TLC082CPE4               
TLC082CPWR               TLC082DAC                TLC082I                  TLC082ID                 TLC082IDSMDDC01          
TLC082IDG4               TLC082IDGN               TLC082IDGNG4             TLC082IDGNR              TLC082IDGNRG4            
TLC082IDR                TLC082IDRSMDTRDC01       TLC082IDRSMDTRDC00       TLC082IDRSMDTRDC01       TLC082IDRG4              
TLC082IP                 TLC082IPE4               TLC083                   TLC0831                  TLC0831C                 
TLC0831CD                TLC0831CDG4              TLC0831CDR               TLC0831CDRG4             TLC0831CI                
TLC0831CIP               TLC0831CN                TLC0831CP                TLC0831CPDC03            TLC0831CP                
TLC0831CPIP              TLC0831CPTLV0831CP       TLC0831CPE4              TLC0831CPIP              TLC0831CPTLV0831CP       
TLC0831I                 TLC0831ID                TLC0831IDIP              TLC0831IDG4              TLC0831IDR               
TLC0831IDRG4             TLC0831IP                TLC0831IPE4              TLC0831P                 TLC0832                  
TLC0832C                 TLC0832CD                TLC0832CDSMDDC88         TLC0832CD                TLC0832CDG4              
TLC0832CDR               TLC0832CDRG4             TLC0832CN                TLC0832CP                TLC0832CPDC04            
TLC0832CPTI              TLC0832CS                TLC0832DR                TLC0832I                 TLC0832ID                
TLC0832IDG4              TLC0832IDR               TLC0832IDRG4             TLC0832IP                TLC0834                  
TLC08341                 TLC0834C                 TLC0834CCN               TLC0834CD                TLC0834CDDC04            
TLC0834CDDC04            TLC0834CDR               TLC0834CDRG4             TLC0834CN                TLC0834CNCD              
TLC0834CNTI              TLC0834CNE4              TLC0834CP                TLC0834ID                TLC0834IDIN              
TLC0834IDG4              TLC0834IDR               TLC0834IDRG4             TLC0834IN                TLC0834INDC04            
TLC0834INDC04            TLC0834IPW               TLC0834N                 TLC0835C                 TLC0838                  
TLC08381CN               TLC08381IDW              TLC0838AI                TLC0838AN                TLC0838C                 
TLC0838CD                TLC0838CDR               TLC0838CDW               TLC0838CDWG4             TLC0838CDWR              
TLC0838CDWRG4            TLC0838CN                TLC0838CNPBFREE          TLC0838CPW               TLC0838CPWG4             
TLC0838CPWR              TLC0838CPWRG4            TLC0838IDW               TLC0838IDWG4             TLC0838IDWR              
TLC0838IDWRG4            TLC0838IN                TLC0838INE4              TLC0838IPW               TLC0838IPWTSSOP-20ADC    
TLC0838IPWR              TLC083A                  TLC083AID                TLC083AIDG4              TLC083AIDR               
TLC083AIN                TLC083AINE4              TLC083CD                 TLC083CDG4               TLC083CDGQ               
TLC083CDGQR              TLC083CDGQRG4            TLC083CDR                TLC083CDRG4              TLC083CDW                
TLC083CN                 TLC083CNE4               TLC083ID                 TLC083IDG4               TLC083IDGQ               
TLC083IDGQG4             TLC083IDR                TLC083IN                 TLC083INE4               TLC084                   
TLC0841AT                TLC0841AT                TLC084AC                 TLC084AI                 TLC084AID                
TLC084AIDG4              TLC084AIDG4Pb-free       TLC084AIDG4Pbfree        TLC084AIDR               TLC084AIDRG4             
TLC084AIN                TLC084AINE4              TLC084AIPWP              TLC084AIPWPG4            TLC084AIPWPR             
TLC084AIPWPRG4           TLC084C                  TLC084CD                 TLC084CDG4               TLC084CDR                
TLC084CDRG4              TLC084CN                 TLC084CNE4               TLC084CPWP               TLC084CPWPG4             
TLC084CPWPR              TLC084CPWPRG4            TLC084I                  TLC084ID                 TLC084IDLEADFREE         
TLC084IDG4               TLC084IDR                TLC084IDRG4              TLC084IN                 TLC084IPWP               
TLC084IPWPG4             TLC084IPWPR              TLC084IPWPRG4            TLC084QPWPRQ1            TLC085                   
TLC085AID                TLC085AIDG4              TLC085AIDR               TLC085AIDRG4             TLC085AIN                
TLC085AINE4              TLC085AIPWP              TLC085AIPWPG4            TLC085CD                 TLC085CDG4               
TLC085CDR                TLC085CDRG4              TLC085CN                 TLC085CNE4               TLC085CPWP               
TLC085CPWPG4             TLC085I                  TLC085I16T               TLC085I16T               TLC085IDR                
TLC085IDRG4              TLC085IN                 TLC085IPWP               TLC085IPWPG4             TLC08IDR                 
TLC092CP                 TLC1                     TLC10005EF1              TLC100791                TLC1009C                 
TLC1021H8A               TLC102P                  TLC1044CN8               TLC1050                  TLC1050CN                
TLC1052MJ8               TLC1059CJ                TLC1070CP                TLC1078                  TLC1078C                 
TLC1078CD                TLC1078CDG4              TLC1078CDR               TLC1078CDRG4             TLC1078CP                
TLC1078CPE4              TLC1078CPSR              TLC1078ID                TLC1078IDG4              TLC1078IDR               
TLC1078IDRG4             TLC1078IP                TLC1078IPE4              TLC1078MD                TLC1078MDG4              
TLC1079                  TLC10791                 TLC10791D                TLC1079                  TLC1079C                 
TLC1079CD                TLC1079CD                TLC1079CDG4              TLC1079CDR               TLC1079CDRG4             
TLC1079CN                TLC1079CN10              TLC1079CNE4              TLC1079CNS               TLC1079CNSR              
TLC1079CNSRG4            TLC1079I                 TLC1079ID                TLC1079IDG4              TLC1079IDR               
TLC1079IDRG4             TLC1079IN                TLC1079INPBF             TLC1079INE4              TLC1079NSR               
TLC1091EO                TLC1097NSR               TLC10CN                  TLC11001AP-10            TLC1100CS                
TLC1101                  TLC111T                  TLC1125IN                TLC113A                  TLC1143LCS-ADJ           
TLC116                   TLC11640                 TLC116A                  TLC116B                  TLC116BTLC116B           
TLC116C550CN             TLC116D                  TLC116DSGS               TLC116T                  TLC11994                 
TLC1225                  TLC12251FN               TLC12251N                TLC1225IFN               TLC1225IFNR              
TLC1225IN                TLC1225INFR              TLC1225MFKB              TLC1225MJB               TLC1233N                 
TLC125-6EF1              TLC1253CS                TLC1256EF1               TLC1257CN8               TLC126                   
TLC1262CS8               TLC1263CS8               TLC1265CS                TLC1289                  TLC1290                  
TLC1290DCJ               TLC1294                  TLC1296                  TLC1321CSN               TLC1323CG                
TLC1326EMS8-25           TLC1326IS8               TLC1334CSW               TLC1337CSN               TLC1344ACG               
TLC1345CSW               TLC1346ACSW              TLC1347CG                TLC1348CG                TLC135CDW                
TLC135CN                 TLC139                   TLC1393IPW               TLC1393IW                TLC139MDQ                
TLC139MFKB               TLC139MJ                 TLC139MJB                TLC14                    TLC14-3EF                
TLC1412CG                TLC1431Q                 TLC1431Q                 TLC1435ACG               TLC143EF                 
TLC1440IS                TLC1451                  TLC1451A                 TLC1451ACD               TLC1451CN                
TLC1452CS8               TLC1459CP                TLC1459ID                TLC1487CN8               TLC1487CN8f              
TLC14C                   TLC14CCMS                TLC14CC                  TLC14CCMS14              TLC14CD                  
TLC14CDG4                TLC14CDR                 TLC14CDRMF-100CDR        TLC14CDRG4               TLC14CP                  
TLC14I                   TLC14ID                  TLC14IDG4                TLC14IP                  TLC1501CD                
TLC1510IPW               TLC1513ID                TLC1514                  TLC1514I                 TLC1514ID                
TLC1514IDG4              TLC1514IN                TLC1514IPW               TLC1514IPWR              
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