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PartNo                                      PartNo                                      PartNo                                      PartNo                                      PartNo                                      
TDA2003                                     TDA2003UTC                                  TDA2003                                     TDA2003ULN3703                              TDA2003gpS                                  
TDA20030A                                   TDA200380C819                               TDA20038A1427                               TDA2003                                     TDA2003A                                    
TDA2003AP                                   TDA2003AV                                   TDA2003C                                    TDA2003D                                    TDA2003H                                    
TDA2003HPBF                                 TDA2003HPENTAWATTH                          TDA2003HPENTAWATTHXPB                       TDA2003H-2                                  TDA2003H-2                                  
TDA2003H                                    TDA2003H2                                   TDA2003HPBF                                 TDA2003HPENTAWATTH                          TDA2003HSL-1                                
TDA2003HSL1                                 TDA2003HST                                  TDA2003L                                    TDA2003P                                    TDA2003ST                                   
TDA2003V                                    TDA2003VLEADFREE                            TDA2003V10W                                 TDA2003V5PIN                                TDA2003V                                    
TDA2003VIC                                  TDA2003V                                    TDA2003VIC                                  TDA2003VLEADFREE                            TDA2003VPENTAWATTV                          
TDA2003VPENTAWATTVXPB                       TDA2003VST                                  TDA2003VST                                  TDA2003Vpbfree                              TDA2003Vpbfree-ST                           
TDA2003V-E                                  TDA2003V-PBF                                TDA2003V-ST                                 TDA2003V                                    TDA2003V10W                                 
TDA2003V                                    TDA2003VPENTAWATTV                          TDA2003VST                                  TDA2003VSTPENTAWATT5                        TDA2004                                     
TDA2004TDA2004R                             TDA2004ST                                   TDA2004-9                                   TDA2004-MAG                                 TDA2004                                     
TDA20042005                                 TDA2004                                     TDA2004A                                    TDA2004D                                    TDA2004MAG                                  
TDA2004R                                    TDA2004R0405                                TDA2004RAUDIOICLEADFREE                     TDA2004RAUDIOIC                             TDA2004RROHS                                
TDA2004RAUDIOIC                             TDA2004RAUDIOICLEADFREE                     TDA2004RMULTIWATT11                         TDA2004RE                                   TDA2004R-E                                  
TDA2004R                                    TDA2004RMULTIWATT11                         TDA2004RS                                   TDA2004ST                                   TDA2004TDA2004R                             
TDA2005                                     TDA2005R                                    TDA2005-M                                   TDA2005-S                                   TDA2005                                     
TDA2005A                                    TDA2005M                                    TDA2005MMULTIWATT11                         TDA2005MR                                   TDA2005R                                    
TDA2005R0405                                TDA2005RICLEADFREE                          TDA2005RLEADFREE                            TDA2005RST                                  TDA2005RIC                                  
TDA2005RICLEADFREE                          TDA2005RMULTIWATT11                         TDA2005RMULTIWATT11XPB                      TDA2005RE                                   TDA2005RLF                                  
TDA2005R-E                                  TDA2005R-ST                                 TDA2005R                                    TDA2005R                                    TDA2005R                                    
TDA2005RIC                                  TDA2005RMULTIWATT11                         TDA2005RST                                  TDA2005R10000                               TDA2005S                                    
TDA2005S-ST                                 TDA2005SST                                  TDA2005SNonRoHS                             TDA2005T                                    TDA2005V                                    
TDA2005VM                                   TDA2005W                                    TDA2006                                     TDA200680C727                               TDA2006                                     
TDA2006B                                    TDA2006CTZV                                 TDA2006H                                    TDA2006HST                                  TDA2006V                                    
TDA2006VPBF                                 TDA2006V-1                                  TDA2006V1                                   TDA2006VCIJ                                 TDA2007                                     
TDA2007ce                                   TDA2007A                                    TDA2007ASIP9                                TDA2007AE                                   TDA2007A-PBFREE                             
TDA2007A-ST                                 TDA2007A2                                   TDA2007A2                                   TDA2007B                                    TDA2007ST                                   
TDA2007T                                    TDA2007A                                    TDA2008                                     TDA2008                                     TDA2008ST                                   
TDA2008V                                    TDA2009                                     TDA2009                                     TDA2009A                                    TDA2009AICLEADFREE                          
TDA2009AIC                                  TDA2009ADC03                                TDA2009AIC                                  TDA2009AMULTIWATT11                         TDA2009AMULTIWATT11XPB                      
TDA2009AE                                   TDA2009A-E                                  TDA2009A                                    TDA2009A                                    TDA2009AB                                   
TDA2009ADC03                                TDA2009ADC03                                TDA2009AIC                                  TDA2009AMULTIWATT11                         TDA2009AST                                  
TDA2009AZIP11                               TDA2009R                                    TDA2009S                                    TDA2009SST2009ST                            TDA2009ST                                   
TDA2009T                                    TDA2009A                                    TDA2009APBF                                 TDA200ARAUDIO                               TDA200SPL200CVST                            
TDA2010                                     TDA2010MDA2010                              TDA2010BD2                                  TDA2010N                                    TDA2010Q                                    
TDA2010T                                    TDA2014                                     TDA2017                                     TDA2018                                     TDA2018A                                    
TDA2019-5X                                  TDA2020                                     TDA2020DIP-14                               TDA2020MDA2020                              TDA2020                                     
TDA2020AD2                                  TDA2020AD2                                  TDA2020D                                    TDA2020DIP14                                TDA2020P                                    
TDA2020ST                                   TDA2020T                                    TDA2020V                                    TDA2022774                                  TDA2024                                     
TDA2024A                                    TDA2025                                     TDA2025B                                    TDA2025R                                    TDA2026                                     
TDA2029C                                    TDA203                                      TDA2030                                     TDA2030                                     TDA2030T                                    
TDA2030vW                                   TDA2030vW                                   TDA2030W                                    TDA2030                                     TDA2030A                                    
TDA2030ADIP                                 TDA2030AAUDIO                               TDA2030AVN                                  TDA2030AW                                   TDA2030ATO220ST                             
TDA2030A                                    TDA2030AH                                   TDA2030AN                                   TDA2030AT                                   TDA2030AU                                   
TDA2030AV                                   TDA2030AVST                                 TDA2030AVRohs                               TDA2030AVLEADFREE                           TDA2030AVST                                 
TDA2030AVPBFREE                             TDA2030AVPBF                                TDA2030AVPENTAWATT18WXPB                    TDA2030AVST                                 TDA2030AVST--                               
TDA2030AVSGS5PIN18WH                        TDA2030AVSGS5PIN18WHi-FiAMP35WDR-           TDA2030AVST                                 TDA2030AVST                                 TDA2030AVE                                  
TDA2030AVpbfree                             TDA2030AVSTPENTAWATT                        TDA2030AV-E                                 TDA2030AV-PBF                               TDA2030AV                                   
TDA2030AVST                                 TDA2030AV                                   TDA2030AV                                   TDA2030AVPBF                                TDA2030AVPENTAWATT18W                       
TDA2030AVST                                 TDA2030AVSTPENTAWATT5                       TDA2030AOEMXS                               TDA2030epS                                  TDA2030H                                    
TDA2030HPBF                                 TDA2030H-ST                                 TDA2030HPRFMD                               TDA2030L                                    TDA2030LTO220BXPB                           
TDA2030N                                    TDA2030QUU                                  TDA2030RV                                   TDA2030ST                                   TDA2030V                                    
TDA2030VPENTAWATT14W                        TDA2030VPBF                                 TDA2030VSTAUDIO                             TDA2030V-PBFREE                             TDA2030V-ST                                 
TDA2030VA2030V                              TDA2030VAV                                  TDA2030VPENTAWATT14W                        TDA2030AV                                   TDA2030W                                    
TDA2031                                     TDA2031BB                                   TDA2032B                                    TDA2033                                     TDA2037                                     
TDA2037A                                    TDA203OAV                                   TDA2040                                     TDA2040SGS887285P                           TDA2040SGS887285PI                          
TDA2040                                     TDA2040A                                    TDA2040AV                                   TDA2040BV                                   TDA2040H                                    
TDA2040H-ST                                 TDA2040HV                                   TDA2040H1N1B501A                            TDA2040HST                                  TDA2040HV                                   
TDA2040ST                                   TDA2040V                                    TDA2040VPENTAWATT                           TDA2040VPENTAWATTXPB                        TDA2040VPBF                                 
TDA2040VPBF                                 TDA2040VE                                   TDA2040V-E                                  TDA2040V-ST                                 TDA2040VPBF                                 
TDA2040VPENTAWATT                           TDA2040VST                                  TDA2040A                                    TDA2041                                     TDA2048                                     
TDA2048SIE                                  TDA204VST                                   TDA2050                                     TDA2050TO220ST                              TDA2050                                     
TDA2050A                                    TDA2050H                                    TDA2050H-PBFREE                             TDA2050HTDA2050VST                          TDA2050HNonRoHS                             
TDA2050HNonRoHS                             TDA2050V                                    TDA2050VICLEADFREE                          TDA2050V05PBF                               TDA2050VIC                                  
TDA2050VPENTAWATT                           TDA2050VPENTAWATTXPB                        TDA2050VST                                  TDA2050VE                                   TDA2050VIC                                  
TDA2050VICLEADFREE                          TDA2050VPBFREE                              TDA2050VPBF                                 TDA2050VE                                   TDA2050V20000                               
TDA2050VIC                                  TDA2050VPBF                                 TDA2050VPENTAWATT                           TDA2050VST                                  TDA2050V5000                                
TDA2051                                     TDA2051                                     TDA2051H                                    TDA2051V                                    TDA2051VPB                                  
TDA2051VST                                  TDA2051VxPBx                                TDA2052                                     TDA2052-SGS                                 TDA2052                                     
TDA2052H                                    TDA2052HTDA2052VST                          TDA2052SGS                                  TDA2052V                                    TDA2052VPENTAWATT                           
TDA2052VE                                   TDA2052V-E                                  TDA2052V-E                                  TDA2052VPENTAWATT                           TDA2052VST                                  
TDA2053                                     TDA2054                                     TDA2054M                                    TDA2054MLS                                  TDA2054M1                                   
TDA2054M2                                   TDA2054M3                                   TDA2054M4                                   TDA2054MTESLA                               TDA205A                                     
TDA2060                                     TDA2062                                     TDA2068A                                    TDA2073                                     TDA2073                                     
TDA2075                                     TDA2075A                                    TDA2077C                                    TDA2078                                     TDA208                                      
TDA2085A                                    TDA2086                                     TDA2086A                                    TDA2086ADP                                  TDA2088                                     
TDA2088A                                    TDA2088ADPUNTEST                            TDA2088AMP                                  TDA2088AMPTD                                TDA2088T                                    
TDA2090A                                    TDA2090S                                    TDA2091A                                    TDA2095                                     TDA21001H1N1                                
TDA2104                                     TDA2104PHIMN3004MAT                         TDA2105                                     TDA2105MN3005MAT                            TDA2107                                     
TDA2107MN3007                               TDA2107PHI                                  TDA2108                                     TDA2108PHI                                  TDA211                                      
TDA2110                                     TDA21101                                    TDA21101G                                   TDA21101GSOP8                               TDA21101G                                   
TDA21101GT                                  TDA21101IG                                  TDA21102                                    TDA21103                                    TDA21106                                    
TDA21107                                    TDA2110G                                    TDA2110IG                                   TDA2120                                     TDA21201                                    
TDA21201-B7                                 TDA21201-P7                                 TDA21201-S7                                 TDA21201B7                                  TDA21201P7                                  
TDA21201S7                                  TDA21205S                                   TDA2120I-B7                                 TDA2125                                     TDA2128                                     
TDA21302                                    TDA2140                                     TDA2140TFK                                  TDA2141                                     TDA2145                                     
TDA2148                                     TDA2148-DIL16                               TDA2148SIE                                  TDA2150                                     TDA2150                                     
TDA2151                                     TDA2151-SGS                                 TDA2158                                     TDA2160                                     TDA2160                                     
TDA2161                                     TDA2161                                     TDA2165TEA2165ST                            TDA2170                                     TDA2170KIT                                  
TDA2170KIT                                  TDA2170STKit                                TDA2172                                     TDA21801                                    TDA21801E                                   
TDA2190                                     TDA22086A                                   TDA221-517                                  TDA221-528                                  TDA222                                      
TDA2220                                     TDA2220SGS8863520PIN                        TDA2220                                     TDA2220A                                    TDA2220ST                                   
TDA2231-5                                   TDA22315                                    TDA224050ME10                               TDA2244B                                    TDA2250                                     
TDA225K25CBRH                               TDA2262                                     TDA2270                                     TDA2270-KIT                                 TDA2270KIT                                  
TDA227JSJ                                   TDA2280                                     TDA2282                                     TDA22822                                    TDA2283B                                    
TDA2283M                                    TDA2302A                                    TDA2310                                     TDA2320                                     TDA2320DC91                                 
TDA2320SGS                                  TDA2320STSGS8PIN                            TDA2320                                     TDA2320A                                    TDA2320ASGS8PIN88601                        
TDA2320AST8PIN                              TDA2320A25                                  TDA2320A25                                  TDA2320AN                                   TDA2320ANST                                 
TDA2320AN                                   TDA2320N                                    TDA2320N2320                                TDA2320NST                                  
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